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  1. Hoping for a Madonna vocal or two on the new album perhaps
  2. Will I Rise be the new Revolver and be a Grammy winning mega smash?
  3. What a track! What an achievement! All hail Madame !!!
  4. We may get a Madame X Remix album next year for the euro leg perhaps?
  5. We need some old school R&B/hip hop mixes to spice things up!
  6. Yes, best remix in 2011 it was, not 2010. Grammy Award winning Revolver!
  7. She hasn’t had a nomination since Revolver won in 2010 correct?
  8. Crazy Now perhaps my fave on the album, it's so slinky!
  9. I hope we get new tour merch and it's available to buy online.
  10. No it’s never been on the iTunes Store to buy
  11. I said why I compared it to IB (in my opinion) - it's not an album that I can see myself putting on in the future when I just want to hear some Madonna music as they are more concept or "theatrical" albums that don't suit a casual listen outside of a couple of tracks (in my opinion) - and no need to be passive aggressive!
  12. thanks @Jazzy Jan i didn’t realise I was critical at all! haha
  13. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I just said that like I’m Breathless, I think I will need to be in a particular mood to want to listen to MX in the future the same as I do with IB. Both are great albums, I didn’t state they were similar in any way nor did I state that I don’t like MX or IB either!
  14. Not at all, I love the album but apart from Medellin, Crave and Faz G it’s not a “casual listen” album for me personally. Err err err!
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