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  1. 6, "iSpy," KYLE feat. Lil Yachty 8, "XO TOUR Llif3," Lil Uzi Vert What?
  2. Finally dropped from #1 on Australian iTunes, so its all downhill from here... might rise slightly on ARIA charts next week with slight improvement in streaming.
  3. I honestly have no idea how this turd is still #1 in Australia, but nowhere else in the world... she has zero presence here currently and PI and MR did nothing... I'm sensing some sort of rort
  4. It's black - have seen others open their copies :)
  5. Picked up my copy of Dance Mix just then, easy to get - the store I went to was full of bearded men in their mid 40s and 50s rushing for Santana and the like :D
  6. So The Manure has pretty much dropped from #1 worldwide, being taken over by Shawn Mendes (apart from Australia, what the hell is my country doing?)... Queen of the 48 Hour "Hit"!! :worthy:
  7. They actually do exist, but you'd have no idea if you are getting the real thing or not...
  8. Dannii Minogue Kylie Minogue
  9. Love the woman (well up until she became the laziest creature on earth), but no. Let's say (being generous considering what other pop girls have sold) - janet. is at 20 million, RN at 20 million, Control at 15 million, TVR at 15 million, DOAD at 10 million, AFY at 12 million... where are the other 80 million album sales coming from, when everything post AFY have struggled to sell 1-3 million?
  10. The 200 million album sales for a start...
  11. "(!)" The entire album will be duets with Shania Twain.
  12. I prefer "Britney Don't Do It", the Oops! sample is incredible!
  13. OF is the second strongest track on LAP after the title track, but it wasn't the best choice for a single back in 1989. The single well was a bit dry after Cherish though to be honest, nothing left apart from KIT really screams "smash hit single". Incredible songs, especially Til Death, Promise to Try and Spanish Eyes, but nothing that would have been a traditional single/radio hit.