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  1. The tour has made me love Messiah so much, it's now one of my most played from the album where as I used to skip it before
  2. Will this be the first 100 million viewed music video for a song that did shit all on the charts?
  3. Erm... he is basically saying "damn, this just happened!", throwing down a cap and covered his face in fake "shock and awe". These two are Oscar-worthy actors remember! She's not humiliated at a staged and rehearsed performance...
  4. Drake is still repulsed as is the rest of the world with this kiss, according to every tabloid worldwide, regardless of what the man in question actually says Only Madonna! Flip things around... what if Prince kissed Katy Perry on stage during a performance? Would everyone be "repulsed" and "outraged" at that slut Prince, who clearly needs to retire?
  5. and a cover of ABBA's "Ring Ring"?
  6. Drake's audience of 15 year old girls have just discovered Madonna! Expect death threats on Instagram STAT.
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