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  1. Papasmurf isn't a bad song.
  2. I voted for Skin but much prefer Sky Fits Heaven... I just think with the latter already being a b-side to DW internationally, it wouldn't have had much success on it's own.
  3. It was a good documentary, but I always thought it was strange that Donna & Nikki weren't even mentioned at all, considering they all supposedly hung around together, more so than what Madonna did with the dancers anyway.
  4. American Life Erotica Hard Candy Like a Prayer Bedtime Stories Madonna Rebel Heart Music MDNA Ray of Light True Blue Confessions on a Dance Floor Like a Virgin I'm Breathless
  5. Not enough room on the DVD case to include all her songwriting credits?
  6. Except about 8 other Madonna albums
  7. I have a feeling that if the album was promoted as much as Rebel Heart was, people would feel differently about the entire era. It did feel like the album was just released and then that was it until the tour. It felt very impersonal and cold in that respect, but I still love about 3/4 of the album.
  8. Imagine if it was something previously unreleased, and we'd all have to buy this just for that one track!
  9. Don't forget the Aqua blue vinyl and pink 7" for Barbie Girl :)
  10. haha i know quite a bit, I'm just saying Aretha isn't someone like Elvis or The Beatles where you can name dozens of their hits. Aretha did obviously have gallons of Hot 100 hits, but I couldn't name more than 10 or so, and either could the general public if pushed. And Nicki has a couple of songs that will be remembered in 2020, but in 50 years - no.
  11. No-one cares enough to be outraged by anything Mariah does.
  12. Congrats to Nicki... and as great as she is, honestly, I couldn't name more than 10 Aretha hits, let alone know if they made the Hot 100. Let's be real, none of you could either if put on the spot.