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  1. Katy Perry thread

    Bonnie McKee killed the album, terrible choice for a second single... especially after CTTR and her declaration of producing "purposeful pop", and then to follow it up with a single about how to eat her pussy
  2. Meh, doesn't really matter, they are all from eras where song features and streaming album tracks gain you chart entries. Madonna, The Beatles, Elvis etc all earned their hits.
  3. Everything said in that commercial came true as well. Stolen ideas from Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson too.
  4. Everything about this era is effortlessly cool. Even with the Britney's, Christina's, Kylie's riding high at the time, Madonna showed them all yet again why she is the Queen.
  5. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    She looks terrified to be on stage
  6. Beyoncé Thread

    Is Beyonce still making music? The last I've heard of her was looking awkward in the BIM video
  7. She's thrown out 4 singles so far but none have hit. I predict a return to "country" for her next album with a more stripped back sound ala Miley.
  8. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

  9. This 100%! The WIFLFAG video is in her top 5 of all time easily.
  10. "Same" ("Rain" parody)

    Pat Benetar? Haha It’s an Australian comedian turned cookbook author Jane Kennedy from a 90s sketch comedy show The Late Show.
  11. Niall Horan / Flicker

    Album of the year! Too Much To Ask is the song of the year!
  12. Bootlegs on eBay. OUT. OF. CONTROL.

    ^ I can't wait for Part 2.
  13. "You have too much facial hair!"

  14. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    Every track is perfect.