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  1. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    There was a pink vinyl re-issue this year, unnumbered. The original pressing was limited and numbered.
  2. Nova tried with Living for Love and even Ghosttown, but I still remember the 19 year old DJ saying "Wow Madonna, who had any idea she was still releasing music?", after LFL finished :/. I heard LFL twice and GT once on radio.
  3. Loved it then and love it now! The only cringey part is the "Hey Britnayyy! You say you wanna lose control?/Sexy lady!" bit
  4. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    Erotica on white and blue marbled vinyl would be incredible!
  5. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    Doesn't post to my country unfortunately. Thanks though :)
  6. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I know, but cheaper than a plane flight I guess.
  7. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    My finger is hovering over the "buy it now" button for both... the things we do when we live on the other side of the world
  8. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    If anyone finds an extra copy of either/both, please let me know!
  9. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    I think we are all just having a joke, no need to read more into things than that are there :)
  10. Madonna at soccer game in Portugal

    I'm here for a cover of this for her new album! Madonna for World Cup 2018 theme song! Start the petition here!
  11. Madonna Megarate - The Results Thread

    Thanks so much for this Curtains!!!! What a great list this was (apart from Revolver, Iconic and 4 Minutes not making the top 10 let alone the top 100... shame on you all).
  12. Do people who play slots want to be reminded that they are gambling though? :D
  13. It looks very early 80s based, which is fine, as that was her "tackiest" era. I love this though, I want one as well :D