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  1. She's been dropped from the new season of American Horror Story now, apparently she's "too busy" (aka ratings poison).
  2. I usually love Katy but I'm not loving the album, I struggle with the first 7 or 8 tracks (apart from Swish Swish) all sounding like the same song. It definitely picks up with Chained to the Rhythm onwards. I'm a little sick of seeing her already tbh and the album has only just been released. It's almost at Gaga-level saturation and it's a little cringy rating ex lovers, having a therapy session streamed etc... it's what lessers do when the music isn't that great :/ Swish Swish and CTTR are awesome singles though, and Witness and Bigger Than Me are excellent album tracks.. the rest is a bit meh for me. Oh well, let's see how she reinvents the tracks on tour and she may change my mind!
  3. CTTR was a hit because it was a great pop song, with a great hook and it's memorable. BA goes nowhere and is forgettable. SS is a club track, not a pop radio hit. If she releases a big pop track with a killer hook, she will get herself a hit, but perhaps this era she's not as focused on that side of things.
  4. Bitch I'm Madonna suffered the same fate.
  5. It's a great track, I hope it does really well for her :)
  6. Wouldn't you be disinterested as well having to sit next to a dullard like Guy Sebastian and pretend to enjoy warbling 17 year old girls sing Adele covers?
  7. I love Mo Bounce, it deserved to SMASH!
  8. 6, "iSpy," KYLE feat. Lil Yachty 8, "XO TOUR Llif3," Lil Uzi Vert What?
  9. Finally dropped from #1 on Australian iTunes, so its all downhill from here... might rise slightly on ARIA charts next week with slight improvement in streaming.
  10. I honestly have no idea how this turd is still #1 in Australia, but nowhere else in the world... she has zero presence here currently and PI and MR did nothing... I'm sensing some sort of rort
  11. So The Manure has pretty much dropped from #1 worldwide, being taken over by Shawn Mendes (apart from Australia, what the hell is my country doing?)... Queen of the 48 Hour "Hit"!! :worthy:
  12. Love the woman (well up until she became the laziest creature on earth), but no. Let's say (being generous considering what other pop girls have sold) - janet. is at 20 million, RN at 20 million, Control at 15 million, TVR at 15 million, DOAD at 10 million, AFY at 12 million... where are the other 80 million album sales coming from, when everything post AFY have struggled to sell 1-3 million?
  13. The 200 million album sales for a start...
  14. Papasmurf isn't a bad song.