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  1. The Dems clapping back would also backfire because that's the reverse logic world we live in. It's expected and tolerated when it's the GOP and Trump, but I don't think it works the other way around, as much as I would love to hear it.
  2. How is that democratic? The vote should be cancelled.
  3. Thank you! That means a lot ❤❤❤ We've had good rain in Sydney. Not enough of course, but it has been wonderful. The garden is already bouncing back. Things seem normal in the city, but I know many fires are still burning far away. And yes, big rain and hail storms yesterday have caused wide spread damage. Australian summers are volatile to say the least.
  4. Hell has frozen over! I didn't realise Piers could actually do something worthwhile, saying what most sensible people are saying here. I don't know who this politician is, but I am so embarrassed to say he is representative of so many idiots in power here. What a complete moron. @Butter9 we really need a lot of rain right now. The fires are too significant to be extinguished using normal methods unfortunately. We can only try and control to stop spread and damage to infrastructure etc.. There has been a little rain in the last day, but much more is needed. And once the fires are out,
  5. @Jazzy Jan you guys are now surrounded by fire like Sydney was, with the east and SA on fire. The smoke is really sickening and creates a sense of panic even where there aren't fires. Most of the bushland around sydney has been destroyed now, so maybe the smoke won't get so bad here anymore. Rain is still weeks away. We need some kind of miracle, that's for sure.
  6. Brilliant! This is quite simple. Why don't the 'right' Fucking understand this. Why are the stupid and greedy the majority. How is this real life. SMDH
  7. I'm in true despair. And I have had nothing impact me directly. This is a catastrophe. So much devastation. Humans can get out if they need to, but the animals can only run for their lives, with no real understanding of what is happening. How our land recovers from this, I don't know. Not a drop of meaningful rain this summer. It's so hopeless
  8. I can't even believe the state of things here. How are the majority of voters in this country conservative leaning...I can't get my head around it. Damn fools! Just when you thought Tony Abbott was the worst it can get!
  9. IKR...what happened to the element of surprise. So unlike her....before IG I suppose
  10. I'm wondering the same thing...
  11. I thought this immediately! Medellin is on the bottom of my list, and, much to my surprise, this is the first song from this era that I haven't wanted to pick apart for some reason. Agree! This should be the Eurovision performance. Future is kind of forgettable and bland on first listen. She seems so confident on this track. And it makes me wanna mooooveeee!
  12. Yes! I did find this a little bit off. Just a tad OTT Otherwise, I really like it. She looks amazing, and I think I see the mole making an appearance A huge improvement on Medellin for me.
  13. Yes...this is concerning. With all the effort M is going to, it needs to translate across the screen. So far, from what I've seen, I'm a bit worried. The stage setup is also a bit of a maze. Talk about deer in headlights! I have no idea who they are...or almost anyone tbqh I liked Ciara though. Has that little bit of something lacking in others
  14. I'm rolling my eyes so hard! This shit is painful AF!
  15. Thanks Karby Sucks that the gorgeous deluxe version won't be more widely available.
  16. I thought that too, but it's underneath on one side, but not the other. The video was OK. I expected something different though based on the teasers. There is a darker story line in there and the context is not explained well and it simply doesn't fit. I think it should have been left out and saved for something else. Or perhaps used to close off the video; an intro and outro to bookend the main video. I think someone else mentioned they wanted more of the cha cha class...me too. The cha cha element could have been focused on more, and rather than the random horse scene in the middle
  17. Hell yes! I can't wait for that. I love this part
  18. Agree! It's beautifully simplistic, while being intriguing. The text is perfect to me...and I'm major OCD usually. I love it!
  19. MTV Australia site doesn't even mention any of this. Last story was regarding eurovision
  20. Again, logically, a time when there would be peak audience reach in the largest market(s). Midnight seems silly to me. Either in the morning as people start their day or on the way home from work. Probably US led. Us Aussies can catch up later This is only what I think is logical of course.
  21. It is just past 10 pm here on the east coast of Australia. I highly doubt it will be released at midnight. Logically it will be a simultaneous global release, not led in Australia.
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