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  1. How is that democratic? The vote should be cancelled.
  2. Thank you! That means a lot ❤❤❤ We've had good rain in Sydney. Not enough of course, but it has been wonderful. The garden is already bouncing back. Things seem normal in the city, but I know many fires are still burning far away. And yes, big rain and hail storms yesterday have caused wide spread damage. Australian summers are volatile to say the least.
  3. Hell has frozen over! I didn't realise Piers could actually do something worthwhile, saying what most sensible people are saying here. I don't know who this politician is, but I am so embarrassed to say he is representative of so many idiots in power here. What a complete moron. @Butter9 we really need a lot of rain right now. The fires are too significant to be extinguished using normal methods unfortunately. We can only try and control to stop spread and damage to infrastructure etc.. There has been a little rain in the last day, but much more is needed. And once the fires are out, we will need lots of rain quickly and a comprehensive regeneration plan to have any chance of returning things to the way they were. I'll be interested to hear about what long term impact this has on biodiversity.
  4. @Jazzy Jan you guys are now surrounded by fire like Sydney was, with the east and SA on fire. The smoke is really sickening and creates a sense of panic even where there aren't fires. Most of the bushland around sydney has been destroyed now, so maybe the smoke won't get so bad here anymore. Rain is still weeks away. We need some kind of miracle, that's for sure.
  5. Brilliant! This is quite simple. Why don't the 'right' Fucking understand this. Why are the stupid and greedy the majority. How is this real life. SMDH
  6. I'm in true despair. And I have had nothing impact me directly. This is a catastrophe. So much devastation. Humans can get out if they need to, but the animals can only run for their lives, with no real understanding of what is happening. How our land recovers from this, I don't know. Not a drop of meaningful rain this summer. It's so hopeless
  7. I can't even believe the state of things here. How are the majority of voters in this country conservative leaning...I can't get my head around it. Damn fools! Just when you thought Tony Abbott was the worst it can get!
  8. Sickening. No words for people like this. I hadn't heard about the child...just breaks my heart. When the news broke I was in a panic because my sister is there for a holiday. She's OK, but had been in the botanical gardens next to one of the mosques 20 minutes before it happened.
  9. Seems like she will still win @Jazzy Jan I love how some of them are blaming Malcolm of all people for not campaigning on behalf of the new liberal candidate. Like really These liberal bastards have some nerve
  10. OMG and they appointed Abbott special envoy for indigenous affairs. What in the actual fuck, I had to check that wasn't a joke! Sack that spineless weasel!
  11. The whole situation here is a fucking mess! And you just watch the gen pop get accustomed to #ScoMo (roll my fucking eyes so hard) just because he'll fool them all that he's their mate and on their side. The public are a pack of morons distracted by The Bachelor and Masterchef. I have zero faith that they can make intelligent decisions. This too will be forgotten. Why can't we vote for parties indirectly. Get a ballot of key questions based on important social issues and answer them. Ain't no right wing party gonna win that vote! And while I'm here. Fuck Tony Abbott. That tiny weasel of a man. Toxic through and through. Zero integrity. Also, Turnbull was piss weak and compromised all he stood for to stay afloat. And he has nothing to show for his time as PM. An embarrassment. He would have lasted longer and had the people on his side had he stood up for what most Australian's want/need. And the far right would have had zero ammunition. Bye bitch. Love that a refugee boat made it through to the mainland today. Suck it liberal scum!
  12. Please look after yourself - and your loved ones! And please keep us up to date so we know how you/your families are going. This is very scary!
  13. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this! I desperately wish he is exposed and sent to prison. Scum!
  14. As if the act wasn't terrible enough, then this on top of it. The motivations of these news outlets and agenda pushers is so transparent, and one of the reasons acts like these, from all sides, will continue to happen.
  15. I watched the whole show. He's a dumbass and was way out if his league on there.
  16. how do I not know this man...particularly in light of the Madonna connection. Who is she?
  17. Just looking wise? Aren't you off-put when he opens his mouth and bogan comes pouring out?
  18. I've never even heard of that Jim guy...he's awful and a bogan. I'm embarrassed as an Australian. Piers is an absolute egomaniac and piece of shit...and only says what he does for attention. See the body language of the woman next to him And Bill just regrets having either Piers or Jim on the show
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