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  1. Yeah, I know this guy. And Israel lives in Western Australia, not Sydney, I believe.
  2. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Parramatta Park...out here in the burbs 10 minutes from my house And it will probably be 40℃ at that time of year
  3. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    The register for pre sale sounds very much like testing interest. Judging from the comments on FB though, this may not even progress to a show. People have lost all faith in her ability to perform.
  4. Katy Perry thread

    Looks really fun! Can't wait :)
  5. I have almost no interest in a TOAC type residency show. It was weird watching her like that. I want spectacle! But it would be cool to have a segment or two that are more laid back. She'd get bored with this format too.
  6. Katy Perry thread

    The costumes are tacky as fuck and don't seem evolutionary to me. It's Kylieesque, without the soft porn. I'm sure the show will be fun nevertheless. I'm going in August next year.
  7. In response to Netflix posting about turd's doc... SMH
  8. They deliberately avoid close-ups of her exploding face?
  9. Someone in the comments asked where Hilary Duff was
  10. 2017 Hurricanes

    Please look after yourself - and your loved ones! And please keep us up to date so we know how you/your families are going. This is very scary!
  11. Well, don't fucking steal. Pretty simple. Victim bitch.
  12. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Boring. Unlike Shake it Off, you can't even move to this. Curious to see how it fairs on the charts.
  13. Wow - still blows me away, the rage in her eyes. Shady ass cunt!
  14. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Christ alive! What's going on here??? Her figure
  15. If she's ready to Jancel, the real Queen is rehearsed and ready to slay the stage
  16. I've been listening to Ariel Pink lately, with the new single and all, and I would love for M to collaborate with more organic artists like this than the one trick losers she has been working with. Just get in a studio and create some original music without drawing influence from top 40 sounds. The results would be magic I'm sure. There's no reason she can't still have fun with this approach. She has magic within her, and whilst I'm not bagging her recent output, she could do a lot better. I agree 100% with whoever said critical acclaim is far more important than chart success, especially at this point in her career. Chart music is a fucking abysmal joke. Do it M!
  17. Bam! Suck it Dump!