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  1. Wow - still blows me away, the rage in her eyes. Shady ass cunt!
  2. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    Christ alive! What's going on here??? Her figure
  3. If she's ready to Jancel, the real Queen is rehearsed and ready to slay the stage
  4. I've been listening to Ariel Pink lately, with the new single and all, and I would love for M to collaborate with more organic artists like this than the one trick losers she has been working with. Just get in a studio and create some original music without drawing influence from top 40 sounds. The results would be magic I'm sure. There's no reason she can't still have fun with this approach. She has magic within her, and whilst I'm not bagging her recent output, she could do a lot better. I agree 100% with whoever said critical acclaim is far more important than chart success, especially at this point in her career. Chart music is a fucking abysmal joke. Do it M!
  5. Bam! Suck it Dump!
  6. What an achievement! One person's vision come to life. And no doubt this never would have happened without M...a person of unwavering determination and goodness. I'm so moved by this. Really amazing.
  7. Katy Perry thread

    I've just seen the ticket details - range from ~$250 down to $70. Many seats/areas greyed out for VIP packages presumably (someone told me those range from $500-800)
  8. Katy Perry thread

    There's a pre-sale tomorrow but it's for anyone that has a phone account with a major phone company here Bound to be a shit fight. We still don't have seating charts or prices!!! I want to be up front because I can't stand being out of the action...my friend who agreed to come may not appreciate it if I get tickets in the drop zone, or whatever it's called. Oh well
  9. Katy Perry thread

    I'm trying for Sydney tickets on Thursday...though the shows won't be until August 2018!
  10. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this! I desperately wish he is exposed and sent to prison. Scum!
  11. Katy Perry thread

    I'm so going to the tour! Over a year away though 😵
  12. I'm obsessed with this new song. I listen on repeat all day at work. The music is just amazing! Love the retro/throw back influence.
  13. Vehicle hit pedestrians in London

    As if the act wasn't terrible enough, then this on top of it. The motivations of these news outlets and agenda pushers is so transparent, and one of the reasons acts like these, from all sides, will continue to happen.
  14. Katy Perry thread

    Fuck you runa! it totally does in parts
  15. Katy Perry thread

    If Taylor is indeed playing games here (which seems evident), I have no words really. After Katy stuck her neck out, described what had happened, and essentially extended an olive branch, this bitch still can't swallow her pride and play nice. If only karma did exist.
  16. Katy Perry thread

    Roulette sounds just like a gargamel song Edit...actually, quite a few of the songs remind me of gaga! Is there a producer they have in common...gaga's older stuff? I still love the more 90s house sounding tracks (the singles)...the rest are a bit generic to me and don't have that sound. Thought it would be a theme. Ah well.
  17. Australian screening on network TV...butchered! So many songs cut
  18. Katy Perry thread

    Bahahahaha! She's insane...the chatting at the end. Why did I watch that
  19. I actually thought this myself...just as a crazy, what if?
  20. Katy Perry thread

    Fucking love it! Jamming in my bedroom as we speak. Dog approves also! Yaaassss! And...she has finally shed the bimbo pop persona. I never gave a shit before because it was empty drivel. I'm not at all surprised the boring public aren't connecting...she's outgrown them. Good for her! Maturity and integrity speak volumes