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  1. AmericanLife95825

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Wtg was such an epic moment in Boston. I'm sad to not see it included but the moment was etched into my mind forever and I'm happy 4 this release. I'm buying
  2. AmericanLife95825

    Stockholm November 14

    wow. that was beautiful. i love her so much! and the crowd. respect that they were really silent. and 'like a prayer' mmhmm.
  3. AmericanLife95825

    Rebel Heart album discussion

    a solid album that is still as good as when i first listened. since the tour i have a whole lot more appreciation for 'iconic.' 'bitch im madonna' is my least favorite track but i get what its there for, so whatever... 'rebel heart' feels special. so it's hard to tell if it's my favorite of hers or not. it just feels really special. like a big deal.
  4. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    she also told david that Disneyland was waiting beneath the stage for him haha
  5. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    Ok! what a night... it was so fun! since it was my first concert, i honestly had never been around SOO manyy PEOPLE loving on madonna! and there were, there were many many people. I was up in the 3rd balcony but i could see her fine. not gonna lie i thought it was gonna be like a gay pride parade in there but the crowd was wildly diverse! it seemed like the truth was being exposed, it was so obvious. i don't know what the other tours were like, but so many people knowing the new songs was really a surprise. everytime i talk about her looking good, people shout 'photoshop' everytime, but there she was - in the flesh - looking damn amazing! lets see from where i was, the older songs def got people out of their seats and 'illuminati' was a crowd pleaser... 'sex' frankly just came across as a little boring (what...) the slowest part of the show. kick it and add a straight up jazz number. that opening to music was killer! how cool to see david! they're interaction and her being - it seemed a little awkward to say 'bitch' right there with him was cute.. "it's ok to swear if it's in a song, right?" david didn't care. he shrugged it off. his dance moves were amazing! the kid seriously has something to watch for! it all flew by so fast. my boyfriend who is NOT a fan but appreciates her loved 'holiday' the most. thought 'iconic' was pretty amazing and the "stuff they were doing with the crosses." 'illuminati' was a big deal for everyone! where she sang 'light up my life' in who's that girl that's where all of our lights on our phones started coming on and the garden was full of light. she loved it, and commented on it, she said something in good fun about 'rebel heart' getting 'hacked the shit out of' and obviously it was - everyone was up dancing and singing along to 'rebel heart' just as much as they were to 'dress you up.' that song is a classic. I'm beyond myself that it is not a single. it's almost like she gets to pick her own classics now. 'candy shop.' which, I gotta say we were all dancing around to was fun. lots of people commenting on her singing. she was good! oh, 'burning up' got the place going pretty good too! the slanted dance floor that lit up when the guy slid around on it was really cool too during 'messiah.' beautiful show! i'm so glad my first was this one! oh... coz I know the lady fancies herself a comic, her 3 rings shtick was cute =) bravo Madonna! I wouldn't worry about her career fading ANYTIME SOON. she's doing just fine. I would be concerned about the information being fed us through radio, billboard, news. it doesn't seem to reflect what's going on in reality at all. big eye opener for me! <3
  6. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    i also gotta comment on the surprise "let it will be" like performance of "like a virgin" it was for sure a surprise highlight for me!!
  7. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    i think ill have to write something later! everyone was singig and even the rebel heart songs and my heart sank when she floated away! gawd i love her!
  8. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    im in 311 but thats funny! we got one guy crazy dancing to mj
  9. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    u too!!!!!!! shes right erotica era was brutal hahaha.
  10. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    can i just say... #olga is on the tshirts!!! there cannot be a bad seat in here!!! im way up in the 3rd balcony and can see great!!! maybe coz its my first time and i just cant believe its happening. i am going to lose my damn mind
  11. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    she's obvs gonna sing the acoustic ukulele version of "cherish." I heard some old ladies talkin about it down in at the Commons (actually.. that would be amazzzzzzzzingggggggggggg)
  12. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    haha he needs to see! I promise I will be a little bit more weirded out by it then him. I'm sure he'll be fine
  13. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    Noooooooooooooooooo wtg needs 2 happen!
  14. AmericanLife95825

    Boston September 26

    happy bday pud! im taking a preacher to his first madonna show tonight! someone should tell her, she'd get a kick out of that! I cannot believe i'm finally getting to see her! I promise noise will be made!
  15. AmericanLife95825

    Rebel Hearts joining me 9/26 Boston Show?

    ill be there! it's going to be my first time ever seeing her live! i can't believe it's actually happening and im pretty sure i'll end up losing myself and rushing the stage and then getting kicked out and thrown in jail for like ten days. Too excited!!!!