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  1. a solid album that is still as good as when i first listened. since the tour i have a whole lot more appreciation for 'iconic.' 'bitch im madonna' is my least favorite track but i get what its there for, so whatever... 'rebel heart' feels special. so it's hard to tell if it's my favorite of hers or not. it just feels really special. like a big deal.
  2. her face right before the spider comes on... worth the whole thing. beautiful video with a beautiful message. i could not ask for more from her right now.
  3. i think about songs like 'i deserve it,' 'gone,' 'voices,' 'heartbeat', 'falling free', 'best friend', 'easy ride', 'mother and father' and i'm not so sure it's been so long since she's been personal. but in this raw and vulnerable human with no attachments way, yeah... she poured her heart and soul out for this project. the complete demos plus the albums which she MIGHT as well release as a companion (but i wont go there, i really wont...) is a pretty damn open work of art. i love rebel heart and it's the kind of record i've wanted her to make for years. fuck, i'm proud. ...and i love that it didn't get #1. it's almost like --- it's mine, yknow. fuck the masses. i know that's stupid... don't judge #hatedestroystheonewhohates im having a madonnameltdown i love her. \
  4. OMG that was legit an amazing interview. he really could have asked her almost anything and she would have responded. that's rare and fab. i think anyone who has left a town that didn't treat them right and then created a space for themselves in the world knows EXACTLY what she is talking about. of course they're offended - they are small minded and boring. they think the song material girl was all about her being a material girl. yeah, those kinds of people. get over it. ps she had a cold - hacked up a lung, if i remember - and she was wearing grills. her voice sounded fine. bravo madonna and howard. great interview.
  5. cashier at target: "what is that cd its the 2nd time ive seen it today?" in 2015 id say thats a good sign. feels so good to have this damn thig in my hand finally! im 15 again!
  6. kinda makes her a REBEL to put out this stripped down version of the song doesnt it! therein is the point! the song is life. it still stands!
  7. after the initial devistation that i felt hearing this one for the first time, i'm absolutely obsessed with this. MAY GOD BLESS... YOU ALL.
  8. "Frida showed her feelings painting from the ceiling back in the beginning nothings what it seems she painted all her dreams she made her own reality...." "...even with Keith out on the street, he died fighting so you could do it as well." it's just SO Her. I love this song the most. i don't think it's probably the best but it's the one i love the very most. i could EASILY write a 4 page paper about all the things she's talking about in this song. it's so perfect. A bus accident in 1925 left Kahlo severely injured, ending her medical studies and forcing her to stay in bed for three months. It was during this period that Kahlo began to paint, using a ceiling-mounted mirror that allowed her to be her own model.
  9. avicci and m made beautiful music. its very true and why deny it. what it has all evolved into isnnew and brilliant and we get to have it all. so aint that some shit. rejoice!!
  10. dear s&s hair, you've had a damn good run. i think it's time maybe for you to go. RIP love me.
  11. Sooo... 24 hours later after hearing it for the first time and HATING it.. "Autotune Baby" is the song in my head and i think it's genius... so that's happening. haha
  12. i caved #damnit! m, you got my $ i promise. someone so far into their career turning out something like this... well i just don't know what to say. i think we all need to remember to support that! this is... and i'm not madonna-stanning when i say this... her best record since 'ray of light' hands down. i'd go further back maybe, but i don't wanna push it. ***gotta go calm down**** oh.... uh.... just so i sound more legit. I wanna throw that damn baby in "AB" out the gddmn window!
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