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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    So cool.. there’s the dog!!
  2. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Wtg was such an epic moment in Boston. I'm sad to not see it included but the moment was etched into my mind forever and I'm happy 4 this release. I'm buying
  3. Movie? Music? What's going on? Was Rebel Heart it?

    Ya! First thing I thought...
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    i think madonna or any pop star doesn't always have to save the world. it's nice to know she cares about people and is glad the person she actually knows - OH AND THAT SHE CAN RELATE WITH - is ok. #human - ALLOW IT.
  5. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    let's not mutha fuckin leak the next one. we may have just had a "new ray of light." we fucked it up.

    mirror image amazingness. deepdonna. i love her.
  7. this thread is like a weird twilight zone moment...
  8. The ending I never saw before! EY MTV 89

    My whole life since i watched this shit live at my grandmothers house haha... "young mc - Bust a move" sounds clear as day to me. which was an artist and a song out... but i dont know she would say it...
  9. Madonna 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year

    Dear Madonna, don'tyou ever fucking cry like that again - you killed me. <3 Me.
  10. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    "in your life you've had a broad...." (HUGE SHIT EATING GRIN FROM MADONNA... ) LOVE IT plus bikers SHOULD express themselves. my 2 favorite moments + papa don't preach, duh
  11. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    Pure fun! Pure Madonna!
  12. Rocco in drug bust by cops

    And daily mail; and COMPLETELY unrelated, here's a picture of Madonna's aging hands... FUCK OFF.
  13. your most favourite madonna interview

    I always watch her talk about her mum and how she has no female figure - and I wonder what kind of relationship Joan and her have? She has been there a long time... none of my bus but I wonder...
  14. Political Madonna

    it's ALL ABOUT #ghosttown right now