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  1. Ok my cassette arrived today! So random I don’t even own a tape player haha! It’s really cool.
  2. Oh hell no.... that needed to last much longer. I enjoyed that very much. I would love to hear her sing in a room just jamming out to these songs. I am here for Madame X Acoustic
  3. Yea the backlash already happened right here. Hahaha. Blue skies ahead!
  4. Im a force and Im untamed babe. Can’t go through this and stay the same babe.
  5. I honestly cannot count the number of songs that “go there” as everyone is saying... an easy one to recall is “pumped up kicks” from a few years ago and that song with a cute melody for SURE “went there.” I support Madonna fully in what she is doing here and also I have no idea what exactly the video will be because I’ve only seen what everyone has seen. If America acts super shocked about this then I honestly don’t know how they’ve watched so many X-men movies and lived to tell.... hypocrisy at its finest. At least Madonna Calls it first in the video. This all is getting a bit absurd
  6. It’s a weird kinda energy.... kinda sums it up. This song is hot shit
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