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  1. Love that you have taken my cue and are using Queen Elaine gifs. Impeccable taste.

  2. She would probably do well on the radio with a nice pop-ballad like Live To Tell, The Power of Goodbye or Masterpiece. There's still a market for ballads in the US. For the last three years we've had these, to name a few: "Someone Like You" and "Set Fire To The Rain" - Adele "A Thousand Years" and "Jar of Heart" - Christina Perri "I Won't Give Up" - Jason Mraz "When I Was Your Man" and "It Will Rain" - Bruno Mars "Stay" - Rihanna "Wide Awake" and "Unconditionally" - Katy Perry "Let Her Go" - Passenger "Say Something" - AGBW with Xtincta Phoenixlera We NEED a Madonna ballad released with an amazing black and white video.
  3. This sounds awesome for a nightclub. It will be huge in Brazil I bet.
  4. Turn Up The Radio at the Superbowl would have been a much bigger hit than Top 10 in America. I would have chosen Love Spent for 2nd single because it defines the album. Gang Bang could have been the throw away 3rd single no one buys but it would have had an amazing video and remixes and it would've become the HN of this era. GGW should have been the Candy Shop of this era. Tour opener but not a single.
  5. TUTR is classic Madonna pop. Love Spent will hold its own with time. Masterpiece is a classic Madonna ballad type. Gang Bang can go the way of Human Nature, a classic less known song. Falling Free is just beautiful and would hold its own. I'm afraid everything else will feel dated in a while even though I love IDGA and IAS. Could I'm Addicted be M's "I Feel Love" and sound futuristic for decades?
  6. The video is ok. It's miles better than Jump, Celebration, and Miles Away. But I have to agree that the editing is atrocious. WHO directed this?? I wish they had tried harder. Plus, the slow motion is just out of place and awkward... oh, well. She looks amazing and the song fits the vibe of the video.
  7. 1. Ray of Light (it was meant to be listened as a whole, it flows) 2. Like A Prayer (LAP>EY>TDDUP>PTT>Cherish>DJ>OF>KIT>SE) 3. Madonna (Lucky Star>Borderline>Burning Up>Holiday>Physical Attraction>Everybody) 4. Confessions On A Dancefloor 5. MDNA 6. Bedtime Stories 7. Music 8. True Blue 9. I'm Breathless 10. Erotica 11. Hard Candy 12. Like A Virgin 13. American Life
  8. Well, Love Makes The World Go Round, Don't Stop and Spanish Lesson are much worse than anything in MDNA. But taste is relative. It also depends on what one means by calling it a "filler." Is it a track with no hit potential, a track that repeats a theme already explored, an album track that doesn't fit?
  9. Beautiful Killer has single written all over it! Some Girls and B-Day song are ok.
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