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  1. :clap: Congrats Madonna! And this is my 1,000th post, so now I'm an Elitist. Awww. Bitch I'm Mario :)
  2. THIS. At this point, let's just continue enjoying her amazing music and creative output. Long live the Queen! :bow:
  3. Congrats Madonna!! Rebel Heart is my favorite Madonna album! :bow:
  4. Congrats Madonna!! Ghosttown is epic and fabulous :clap:
  5. I would be thrilled if she received nominations. That alone would be good enough for me!
  6. Unfortunately, no. The music video for "Hung Up" is under the Warner Bros. label and not under Vevo. So even if it crossed the 100 million mark, it wouldn't count for a Vevo certification.
  7. I believe it's an automatic certification. Vevo themselves tweeted Madonna, congratulating her on being Vevo certified:
  8. We should celebrate with a MadonnaNation orgy (I get Pud Whacker first) I'll bring the Krug Rose. :queenbitch:
  9. Bitch I'm Madonna Directed by:Jonas Akerlund 76,472,949 Vevo Over 76 million views and it's still Saturday night over here in Los Angeles!
  10. 70 million views!!!!! Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj Bitch I'm Madonna Directed by:Jonas Akerlund Vevo views: 70,216,075
  11. It's a CRIME she wasn't nominated after releasing three GLORIOUS music videos back to back. I thought for sure MTV would come through for "Bitch I'm Madonna". The technical execution of BIM alone should have made it a strong contender for several nominations. The BIM video reminded me of "Birdman" in the fact that it felt like one flawless continuos take. I hope she performs at the VMA's and kills it. That's the biggest way to say fuck you: With another killer performance. Drop the mic and walk off the stage...leaving the provincials and wannabes wanting more.
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