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  1. Which half of LIKE A VIRGIN do you prefer?

    Second half! Sho bee doo, stay and dress you up are perfect
  2. i know! Is it payola or just stupid horrible people making theses lists?
  3. awesome she came in at number two, but that beyonce performance at 1!?! I dont understand why everyones thinks shes just a great performer...she's good, not all that
  4. Horror in America

    The ice cream place near my job giving away free ice cream to anyone who walks in 😂. Free pints.
  5. BEST 9th TRACK

    keep it together, but part of me wanted to choose stay
  6. SUPERSTAR love thread

    always liked it, never understood the hate. Always preferred it over to most of the other songs on MDNA Some of my friends who are more casual madonna fans seem to enjoy it as well
  7. Favorite Madonna song of ALL TIME

    i'm going to have to say like a prayer! sorry sky fits heaven
  8. Fun Madonna

    yes! I never fully appreciated Body Shop until the RHT, now it's one of my faves on the RH
  9. Fun Madonna

    superstar, never understood the hate for it by fans and yes, jump too and don't stop too
  10. i remember being about 8 when this video came out. I wanted to see it so bad. Took me years to finally see it(before youtube obviously) I wish I can watch it again for the first time. People who watched the landing on the moon must of felt the same way I did
  11. Over And Over

    this song(along with any other song on LAV) would have been a top 5 smash..along with my fave shoo be do
  12. agreed! would love if she explored the r&b side again. Those are my two favorite albums by her. So much she can do with that sound
  13. Miley Cyrus

    http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2016/01/26/miley-cyrus-stoked-woody-allen-amazon-series/79340182/ working with woody allen for some tv series!