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  1. Mistachristopha

    Years and Years

    Yup from 930 -1030 lol. The energy there was great tho. And yea I can't wait until.they announce usa tour dates. Have to see them again
  2. Mistachristopha

    Years and Years

    Saw them on Sunday in Brooklyn. They were fantastic! They only played for an hour but it was so worth it. I hope they come back to nyc again for the new album since they only played a few songs from it.
  3. Mistachristopha

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    wow dreaming, and shiny and warm on the setlist! I thought they would ignore Headfirst album for this tour. Great choices, tonight was great!
  4. Mistachristopha

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    Makes me wonder what they did with Christina for bionic
  5. Mistachristopha

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    I can see that. I wonder if they will ignore this album during future tours?
  6. Mistachristopha

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    idk why headfirst gets such hate(esp. from alison herself) I think its for the most part better than supernature. Minus toftw,koko, and you never know
  7. Mistachristopha

    Horror in America

    The ice cream place near my job giving away free ice cream to anyone who walks in 😂. Free pints.
  8. Mistachristopha

    Garbage thread

    beautiful garbage is one of my favorites! silence is golden, drive you home, so like a rose,cup of coffee, etc. I personally like it more than 2.0, i really must of overplayed that one when i was younger,lol Can't wait to watch the video posted, don't have time to right this second. didnt get a chance to see them tour this year yet, but will if they come back to nyc/nj, but did see the 20th anniversary tour for the first album, and it was one of the best concerts i've been to. Madonna and garbage within a few months!
  9. Mistachristopha

    Tegan and Sara: Love You To Death

    i really enjoy the new album, glad they evolved. Saw them twice throughout the years, both times at Terminal 5. They are so awesome live! The Con is a masterpiece
  10. Mistachristopha

    Garbage thread

    i remember when beautiful garbage was new, fans complained that to many songs sound like madonna and britney. Those comments are still on the amazon reviews,lol
  11. Mistachristopha

    Garbage thread

    in no particular order(these top tens always change for me,lol) fix me now get busy with the fizzy empty silence is golden milk nobody loves you drive you home thirteen(cover) bad boyfriend even tho out love is doomed
  12. Mistachristopha

    Garbage thread

    i think the new album is their best one besides their first. I also think version 2.o is overrated. Many people consider their favorite. I think beautiful garbage is better tbh
  13. Mistachristopha

    2016 MTV VMAs

    did they do away with 'video with a message'? or is that on another shit awards show
  14. Mistachristopha

    Garbage thread

    it's one of their best albums ever! Love it! It actually made me listen to nykop again after awhiles, and im falling in love with that album again as well
  15. Mistachristopha

    I do not want a new Madonna album

    thats interesting! I don't remember her mentioning that