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  1. Nothing from Ray of Light except maybe NRM. Nothing from Music except Music (and if she is going to perform it at least mix it with a current dance track not one thats 2 years old) Nothing from American Life except Easy Ride. Nothing from COADF except HU (and not the shitty "rock" version) and GT. I could do without Holiday, LIB, Vogue, LAP, Borderline.
  2. I'm seriously looking into going to the US to catch a show. Every tour I always say to myself she'll come next time and she never does. I originally planned to go on a holiday this year to the US but I scrapped it. I might go afterall. My only dilemma now is to try get a good seat. I don't want to spend all this money and end up sitting at the back of the fucking arena/stadium!!
  3. Does that mean Mexico/Sth America has been scrapped too? They make no mention of it anymore on the Livenation site.
  4. Personally I feel it's the principle of the matter. Sure there may not be a way to avoid scalpers but it's not like she needs the money. The fact she's made a deal to profit from them seems unethical to me.
  5. LOL It's sad isn't it. I seriously thought we were a sure thing this time. Like 100%.
  6. You seriously can't justify this by bringing up the fact she did 2 free 30min shows for what 1000 people? And how can you make a statement claiming that fans aren't even going to the "EFFORT" of getting good tickets? There is so much wrong with that statement I don't know where to begin.
  7. WTF? This is really low. This whole tour is turning out to be really lame. Seriously GREAT WORK Madonna. What makes it sad is people defending her and saying what a great business woman she is.
  8. Just noticed on the live nation site the background image of the map doesn't even bother to show Australia. Things aren't looking good. Seriously wish they could just say yes or no.
  9. I just like to add I'd love it if the tour is broadcast/DVD from ZAGREB!!
  10. Not true, right now EU is where the money is. The US $ is way down. $1AU = $0.90US or there abouts so she can't use the currency value for not touring Australia as she did with DWT and RIT. I'm really shocked there has been no mention of Australia. I really thought after CT and her apology to Australian fans that we were a sure thing this time around. I even thought that's why the tour is timed as it is. I'll stay optimistic for an announcement sometime down the track but I gotta say it isn't looking good. I will definitely be shattered if she passes up on us again.
  11. Seating chart from Ticketmaster France http://ticketmaster.fnacspectacles.com/pla...DONNA-SDFMA.htm
  12. CHICAGO OCT 26th It's on their site http://www.unitedcenter.com/calendar/?MONT...EAR_CHOICE=2008
  13. From http://www.absolumentmadonna.fr First idea of pricing: PRICES LAWN 72,70 EUROS/ 78,20 EUROS/ 83,70 EUROS PLATFORMS 78, 20 EUROS/ 100,20 EUROS/ 127,70 EUROS GOLDEN CIRCLE 149, 70 EUROS NOT OPEN FOR SALE And in HQ the graphic looks pretty cool:
  14. Ticketmaster has updated it's site with the graphic too. It's even on the AUS site. http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/artist/768011
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