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  1. Hi guys! Do any of you know when, if ever, the super deluxe edition will be available on iTunes? My CDs from WowHD still haven't arrived, and I'm dying to listen to Beautiful Scars mastered and on ear splitting volume!
  2. Don't know how to embed the video, but you can watch the interview here.
  3. It would be great if you'd post a link to my blog when reposting my gifs and edits, groovyguy. I put quite a lot of time and work into them http://madonnaciccone.tumblr.com/
  4. DOUBLE DAMN!!!!!

  5. (nice to see my gif making its way around the internet )
  6. definitely sounds like her. omfg, i can't stop listening to this!
  7. celebration recieved 6 out of 6 points in Norway's biggest news paper! link (in norwegian, obviously): http://www.dagbladet.no/a/8252212/
  8. 1. Celebration 2. Survival 3. I'd Rather Be Your Lover 4. Gambler 5. I'll Remember
  9. M still has 20 singles in the Norwegian iTunes top 100 12. Like a Prayer 17. La Isla Bonita 22. Beat Goes On 32. Give it 2 Me 37. She's Not Me 38. Celebration 40. Miles Away 49. Holiday 52. Candy Shop 54. Hung Up 56. 4 Minutes 64. Frozen 72. Music 83. Ray of Light 85. Papa Don't Preach 87. Vogue 88. You Must Love Me 94. Sorry 96. Like a Virgin 97. Into the Groove Here are two (crappy) videos I shot at the first Oslo show
  10. so weird to see vogue in that coat!
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