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  1. All these 8 copies will count to the singles chart. Support! UK iTunes #3 Living For Love (Album version) #97 Living Folr Love (Single version) #16 Living For Love (Remixes 1) #18 Living For Love (Remixes 2) Amazon UK #7 Living For Love (Album version) #187 Living Folr Love (Single version) #52 Living For Love (Remixes 1) #72 Living For Love (Remixes 2)
  2. UK iTunes Living For Love (Album Version) - 25.02.2015 - 0.99 Living For Love - Single - 26.02.2015 - 0.99 Living For Love (The Remixes 1) - 22.02.2015 - 1.79 (0.99 each) Living For Love (The Remixes 2) - 22.02.2015 - 1.79 (0.99 each)
  3. It's in your account details http://support.apple.com/us-us/HT202723
  4. yas, It was so clever move from Interscope to charge for 6 tracks back in December so it will be difficult to cancel when you already paid for half of the album. No, don't cancel, support
  5. In December I pre-ordered Deluxe and iTunes charged me just for 6 tracks (in Russia it's 0.28 USD x 6 = 1.68 USD). Then when Standard became available iTunes changed my pre-order to Standard. Now I have canceled Standard, iTunes didn't give me any 1.68 USD back. I pre-oredered Deluxe instead and iTUnes charged me just for 3 new tracks (0.28 USD x 3 = 0.84 USD). So far I have paid 1.68 + 0.84 = 2.52 USD The whole Deluxe album costs 3.39 USD, so I will pay 3.39 - 2.52 = 0.87 USD when other 9 tracks become available I hope it helps
  6. Moka, no When I canceled my Standard pre-order I didn't have to pay for 6 tracks in Deluxe pre-order. iTunes knew that I had already bought them I paid just for 3 new tracks
  7. Moka Here in Russia I was charged for 6 tracks in December. As soon as 3 new tracks are available I will be charged for those 3 new tracks. I canceled the pre-order in"manage pre-order" list, pre-ordered Deluxe again and everything is ok now. I was able to download 3 new tracks as part of pre-order
  8. Did you check Rebel Heart Deluxe on Madonna iTunes page? May be they are there?
  9. well I canceled Rebel Heart Standard in "Manage pre-order" list and pre-ordered Rebel Heart Deluxe once again. 3 new track started to downoad automatically . Waiting for #1 in Russia so if you have this issue check Rebel Heart deluxe on Madonna page
  10. 3 new tracks ICONIC, Hold Tight, Joan of Arc are available in Russia now. But only inside DELUXE edition. And it shows that I pre-ordered only STANDARD but actually I pre-ordered DELUXE. It seems they have changed. So the downloads don't start automatically. I have to buy all 3 singles individually on DELUXE. Mess
  11. There is already tuesday in Taiwan, Singapure, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand,... where 3 songs are available
  12. You'll get 3 new song as soon as it's TUESDAY in your country
  13. #3 Tom Jones 20:26 EST #4 Miranda Lambert 20:37 EST #5 Kanye West 20:50 EST #6 Madonna 20:55 EST
  14. UK Living for Love (Single) is now charting as pre-order https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/living-for-love/id953579555 #161
  15. iTunes USA #6 Living For Love #7 Bitch I'm Madonna #8 Ghosttown #9 Unapologetic Bitch #10 Devil Pray #11 Illuminati
  16. iTunes RUSSIA Living for Love #1 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Illuminati 5. Unapologetic Bitch 6. Bitch I'm Madonna
  17. If the roumor about the double album comes from M instgram then "2 sides" doesn't mean double album at all. it means that the text "bitch" and "heart" was printed on the both sides of the pillow (2 sides, 2 stories)
  18. It's just a rumour I started on UKmix (about iphone 6) nevermind but It would be cool yay, someone should tell Live Nation
  19. Here is what the President of Universal Music Russia (they released her albums here), Dmitry Konnov, wrote about Gaga's concert in Moscow on December 12th: "Lady Gaga's yesterday show was the first stadium concert of the Twitter era artist, which I was able to see. You can be the best in 140 symbols, return the attraction for music videos, but this knowledge will not teach you to keep the audience and to build a two-hour show." Comments: - It was so awful? - I have no words how bad it was
  20. That bitch is private. She/he might have the secret keys \o/\o/\o/
  21. Who is SecretagentM whom Madonna follows on Instagram now?
  22. I think she and Pussy Riot will make news tonight in Russia
  23. She says decrease ego in april !!! Aries = April !! MDNA Tour didn't start in april! So stop it please!
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