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  1. I think Madonna is way too smart to write a letter like that, because she knows somebody would leak it to make money from her, and the media would have a field day with it. That's why I think it's fake.
  2. Typically, people have more of a fondness for drama and negativity than what she's achieved in Malawi, which is sad and awful...But don't feed it, we know what its true intent is. Just nonsense made up to distract people away from what is important.
  3. One of my favorite interviews is from June 1998 with the magazine, Q. She talks about a lot of interesting subjects in that interview, and goes into quite a bit of detail about the songwriting for Ray of Light. There's another interview from 1998, which I read online, and is nowhere to be found now, but it was a transcript from a magazine called Vox, and it was all around the Ray of Light record.
  4. I think everyone can be their own worst enemy on social media with sharing too much. IMO, there's a part of yourself that should always remain an enigma.
  5. She should do what she has always done and write/create art from her soul, from what is authentic. People shouldn't be so caught up in how successful she is. Look to Erotica as an example and see how loved it is today. I hope she doesn't feel she has to do what everybody else is doing, just to remain relevant. You have to accept that those days of the 80's and then in the 90's are over. It's a different musical climate now, and one that is shallow.
  6. They got obsessed with it and now I think they're really stuck on it. Lately, when I've heard her talk, she just sounds American, and it's true that you tend to pick up an accent the longer you live in a country... I see it as no big deal, either.
  7. Fixed.
  8. What It Feels Like for a Girl Paradise (Not for Me) Gone Hollywood X-Static Process Intervention Easy Ride Don't Tell Me Love Profusion Miles Away
  9. In no particular order: Mer Girl DW/SFL Frozen Bad Girl Erotica Secret Garden This Used To Be My Playground Justify My Love Something To Remember Vogue
  10. Like a Prayer Live to Tell Borderline Open Your Heart The Look of Love La Isla Bonita Pretender Like a Virgin Into the Groove Stay '81
  11. Well, at least M has the figure to go nude. Some people half her age can't away with it. Maybe this is why all the backlash?
  12. Isn't Rosanna Arquette a fan too? I read they got on well during the filming of Desperately Seeking Susan.
  13. What next, huh? ... Now I've heard it all. Hahaha.
  14. Can Madonna block this from happening? I feel something like this needs to be produced by someone who really respects her as an artist.
  15. Thing is, Evita was rather successful at the time, earning Madonna a Golden Globe, and it also received some good reviews from movie critics who praised her performance, but this is really sad to see. Says more about her than it does about Madonna. People who were around to witness the success that Madonna had with Evita is what matters. This just seems like someone obviously out to use Madonna's name to get publicity/recognition.