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  1. Drowned World

    The Virgin Tour, 33 years ago today!

    Great tour, favorite performances are Gambler, Over and Over and Material Girl, and I like it when she got pulled off the stage by her dad at the end. Lol.
  2. For me, it's whatever happens to be on the radio. If I like the song, I will look it up and find out more about it and the artist. I find that I'm liking the older stuff now, though. I also discover new music through movies as well, that helps introduce me to a new genre. I like discovering music that way. I discovered an artist called Nick Gillette recently through a short film on LA, and I really liked his song "Why".
  3. Drowned World

    Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Dead at 41

    I'm so sad to hear this. RIP.
  4. Drowned World

    Kanye West

    Taylor Swift workin' her black magic.
  5. Drowned World

    Donald Trump elected U.S. president 🚽

    Get ready for armageddon. There's a shitstorm on the way.
  6. Drowned World

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    There's so much I could say about this tour, and it was more than just a show for me. The Geisha section, the atmosphere of La Isla, the WIFLFAG video interlude, Paradise, Sky Fits Heaven, Lo Que Siente La Mujer, Impressive Instant. Just sublime, and I loved the choreography. You feel a different emotion with each segment. Uncanny in parts but beautiful. It's up there as one of her best, imo. She was so daring and different in her approach with the DWT. After being away from touring for so long, she could have taken the easy option and performed all her hits and been a crowd pleaser, but with the DWT, we saw a true artist.
  7. 15? She's a child. I agree with Jaron.
  8. Drowned World

    Prince Dead at 57

    Prince "Whole Lotta Love". This clip shows what an excellent guitarist he was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6kMwqmanK0
  9. Drowned World

    Your top 10 Prince songs!

    Mine: Purple Rain Little Red Corvette Cream I Would Die 4 U The Beautiful Ones Gett Off When Doves Cry Sign O' Times Diamonds and Pearls Kiss
  10. Drowned World

    Prince Dead at 57

    I can't believe it, I'm shocked to the core. It's so sad.
  11. Her name's Denise Matthews right? I read a lot about her in Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries. Interesting read and an eye opener for sure.
  12. Drowned World

    The Latest Releases You Recommend

    Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls.
  13. I hope there's some Ray of Light material on the tour.
  14. Drowned World

    Your Top 10 tour performances of all time

    "La Isla Bonita" from DWT. New favorite: "Turn Up The Radio" from The Paris Olympia