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  1. The Virgin Tour, 33 years ago today!

    Great tour, favorite performances are Gambler, Over and Over and Material Girl, and I like it when she got pulled off the stage by her dad at the end. Lol.
  2. My favorite Madonna song at the moment is "Mer Girl"

    Mine too! and it resonates with me so much more now.
  3. There's lots for her write about, and I'd definitely expect it to be political and around gender or sexuality. That would be great, but then she's done that before ie What It Feels Like for a Girl .
  4. My favorite track on RH is definitely "Joan of arc". It's right up there as one of her best songs.
  5. La Isla Bonita from the tours ranked

  6. I have no idea what she's going to do next, but yeah, I agree. I hope there aren't too many electronic songs on this next record, she needs to do something different and completely unexpected, more emphasis should be on the songwriting this time, and I quite like the idea of her experimenting with a world music sound.
  7. Great news. It deserves more attention, because she took a huge risk with it. She could have been releasing more stuff like True Blue and held on to her popularity, but clearly, at that point, she wanted to address something important in her music. When you look how far we've come as a society, we've become a lot more open and comfortable with talking about sex/sexuality now. With Erotica, she broke boundaries, showing us real issues, and she was frank about it.
  8. Do you still discover new music and artists?

    For me, it's whatever happens to be on the radio. If I like the song, I will look it up and find out more about it and the artist. I find that I'm liking the older stuff now, though. I also discover new music through movies as well, that helps introduce me to a new genre. I like discovering music that way. I discovered an artist called Nick Gillette recently through a short film on LA, and I really liked his song "Why".
  9. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    "Erotica", "Bad Girl" and "Secret Garden".
  10. Wonder if this Darleen chick ever looked through M's garbage bins as well. She seems that type.
  11. Chester Bennington, Linkin Park Singer, Dead at 41

    I'm so sad to hear this. RIP.
  12. I think Madonna is way too smart to write that. She knows somebody would try and make money from it, and the media would have a field day with it.
  13. Typically, people have more of a fondness for drama and negativity than what she's achieved in Malawi, which is sad and awful...But don't feed it, we know what its true intent is. Just a lot of bullshit made up to distract people away from what is really important.
  14. your most favourite madonna interview

    One of my favorite interviews is from June 1998 with the magazine, Q. She talks about a lot of interesting subjects in that interview, and goes into quite a bit of detail about the songwriting for Ray of Light. There's another interview from 1998, which I read online, and is nowhere to be found now, but it was a transcript from a magazine called Vox, and it was all around the Ray of Light record.
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I think everyone can be their own worst enemy on social media with sharing too much. IMO, there's a part of yourself that should always remain an enigma.