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  1. Isn't Rosanna Arquette a fan too? I read they got on well during the filming of Desperately Seeking Susan.
  2. Can Madonna block this from happening? I feel something like this needs to be produced by someone who really respects her as an artist.
  3. Thing is, Evita was rather successful at the time, earning Madonna a Golden Globe, and it also received some good reviews from movie critics who praised her performance, but this is really sad to see. Says more about her than it does about Madonna. People who were around to witness the success that Madonna had with Evita is what matters. This just seems like someone obviously out to use Madonna's name to get publicity/recognition.
  4. People speak about Madonna like as if it were still the Erotica/SEX period. They focus on that one point in her career, when it's been so much more than that. What about ROL? Music? W.E.? Evita? etc., and she's been even more successful. The more I think about it, it's beginning to sound like Sheryl is bitter because she hasn't sold as many records as Madonna.
  5. Exactly. Madonna believes in being her authentic self, and that's what I admire about her over other singers. She won't pretend to be something she is not just to please others. Seems a lot of stars are afraid of being their authentic self.
  6. That's disappointing coming from Sheryl when she seemed to be quite a big supporter of Madonna's in the past. If anything, Madonna has shown women they can be whoever they want to be, and unapologetically. One thing she's never been short of is an opinion. Right from the start, she always knew what she wanted, and was in total control over her image and music. I think Sheryl needs to re-evaluate her opinion. Or maybe some women, like her, can't handle a woman being blatantly in charge of their own sexuality AND having an intelligent opinion. They feel intimidated because it conflicts with what they've been led to believe by the patriarchy.
  7. 1. Ray of Light 2. Erotica 3. Music 4. Like a Prayer 5. Bedtime Stories 6. American Life 7. MDNA 8. Rebel Heart 9. Confessions 10. True Blue 11. Like a Virgin 12. Madonna 13. Hard Candy
  8. Dan Gilroy, 69, Madonna's ex, is in the news. Apparently, he dodged a bullet with Madonna, but then, that's also when his career died. By the sounds of it, he's been smoking something. Can we expect a book?
  9. She didn't want to share the stage with an even bigger star, she felt intimidated. Which a lot of people do when it comes to Madonna. I reckon kylo would have looked an idiot, and she knows it. When you think about it, she probably did the right thing.
  10. Just like she inspired singers to do Christmas albums every year. ;)
  11. And Jenner said she has 84 million more followers on Instagram. ;)
  12. BTW, Older Kylie is currently at the top in Google search results because of her break-up. Has keep herself relevant somehow.