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  1. The plot sounds very similar to Brian De Palma's film Dressed to Kill.
  2. Batuka is an amazing song and is one of the best songs on Madame X! It's a long way It's a long day Things have to change There's a storm ahead Swear the road is long
  3. "Crave" started out as my favorite, and I still really like it, but now for me it's all about "Come Alive," I love the gorgeous melody, and the choir is so uplifting towards the end.
  4. Agree with this. She still manages to surprise after all these years. Madame X is a great record.
  5. Streaming Madame X right now! Gets better and better with each listen. #StreamMadameX
  6. She should've kept quiet really. She knows she has a big platform and she knew it would cause a lot of controversy. No one should feel like they need her words to validate them. Everyone has the right to be whoever they want to be!
  7. I know right now many artists play the safe game and do not have the courage to take a political stance in a time like this and criticize or call out our governments, and Madonna is doing just that with Madame X, as she did on American Life. I've heard so many say, 'stop making it about politics!' but if the decisions made by our governments affects us, then of course we need to act, to speak up! Madame X demonstrates this, and that's why it's a such a powerful record. She could have kept doing Confessions over and over again, but I've always believed that she isn't just a pop star or performe
  8. I really like this idea, especially after watching that clip of her singing with her acoustic guitar on Insta. Great idea.
  9. Well a year later, after letting it grow on me, I'm thinking: once again, she's done it! Madame X indeed has a marvellous and unique soundscape which differs from all her other work, just when I thought she'd done it all, she surprises me again. I love it!
  10. God Control Looking for Mercy Extreme Occident Come Alive I Rise
  11. Looking for Mercy God Control Come Alive Extreme Occident Dark Ballet
  12. Wasn't a favorite of mine until now, but it has grown on me a lot. I realize how amazing "God Control" is! One of her most significant songs of this decade, IMO.
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