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  1. Get ready for armageddon. There's a shitstorm on the way.
  2. No, not really. M's got a whole 30 years worth of great music, memories, etc behind her to be totally proud of, and if she never releases another thing or something that doesn't quite live up to all that she's done over the years, that doesn't matter, well not to me anyway.. she's proved what she's worth to the music industry, she doesn't need to prove another thing as far as I'm concerned. All the fuss right now is about people's expectations and that she's got to keep outdoing herself..well sometimes that's just not possible, sometimes it's just as simple as just enjoying the music, and that's all.
  3. What!? what!? what's this about Nicola Roberts? ..who's that!??
  4. I'm not surprised that M is a little pissed off at the new single being leaked way ahead of its release date, she has every right to be. It ain't fair. They kind of spoilt it for those of us that wanted it to be a surprise, but hey, it's still in demo form, so it's unfinished and the production could change by the time it's released. I think I agree with Svperstar though, they probably need to go with something different for the first single.
  5. Totally agree. M just needs to take a look at what she did in the past and become this rebellious person she once was that made her want to stand out and be different from the rest.
  6. Yes, it does sound promising indeed, and I'd love the idea of the new music having a folk element and having this celebratory, more uplifting feel or spiritual element to it - or something to fit every mood maybe. I've been listening to a lot of Native American music lately, and I think it would be great if M did a few songs experimenting with some Native American sounds, it would totally be something new for her.
  7. I don't know.. but I know I really liked the pics from Interview Magazine she did earlier this year.. That would rock. She looked fierce. Then again, I love the gypsy look, with lots of layers. Looks soft and very sexy.
  8. Yeah, and they totally ripped off Van Halen as well. I understand it was a hommage.
  9. I'd agree with you on that. I mean, there are some good songs on Hard Candy but I guess I just didn't get into that particular direction musically.
  10. Whoa, the knives are out, ...all press is good press, though.
  11. Frozen, Justify My Love and Like a Prayer. Justify My Love - I love it for the whole fantasy element and exploring of different sexual fantasies and scenarios, and I like Erotica as well. Justify My Love and Like a Prayer are probably her two most powerful and evocative videos though.
  12. Well, they might just want to take a look at the photos for "Interview" magazine from this year.. and perhaps it might change their minds.
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