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  1. Dan Gilroy, 69, Madonna's ex, is in the news. Apparently, he dodged a bullet with Madonna, but then, that's also when his career died. By the sounds of it, he's been smoking something. Can we expect a book?
  2. She didn't want to share the stage with an even bigger star, she felt intimidated. Which a lot of people do when it comes to Madonna. I reckon kylo would have looked an idiot, and she knows it. When you think about it, she probably did the right thing.
  3. Just like she inspired singers to do Christmas albums every year. ;)
  4. And Jenner said she has 84 million more followers on Instagram. ;)
  5. BTW, Older Kylie is currently at the top in Google search results because of her break-up. Has keep herself relevant somehow.
  6. Hate to break it to ya, but little Kylie is right about older Kylie. She's known as a one hit wonder here in the States, and people know older Kylie for her surname as well, not only for her first name. It could have easily been ruled where they both could use their names. BTW, you type into Google "Kylie" and miss Jenner comes up. Tells you who's more relevant with the generation of today. ;)
  7. I hope there's a new album soon!
  8. Someone felt like getting their name back in the news again. Forgot all about her.
  9. Massive age gap. Wonder how that's going to affect the relationship later down the road.
  10. I speak with someone who regularly says that they want to see the destruction of America and is glad that Trump got in, then gets offended when M said 'bomb the Whitehouse'. They didn't even bother to read the rest of her speech. They were like: rich, white, famous woman can say anything and not get into trouble while an asian/poc would get into deep shit. I repeatedly said to them, did you read the rest of what she said? and they said 'No'. Crazy.
  11. She plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech. Says everything you need to know.