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  1. i honestly don't understand him at all. he lives in a country where he blends in with his race and America's exposure to filipino culture is relatively low, yet hes getting these identity issues? As opposed to me, who had to deal with identity issues because i was a minority here in America, surrounded by no one else who looked like me.
  2. does anyone know the context of how this all started?
  3. as long as cops keep getting impunity, this will keep happening. Who the hell are people supposed to turn to when the person abusing you is a cop? They're so eager to give jail time to a druggie but not to cops who unjustly kill and hurt others. Fellow cops also try to help do cover ups. Its horrible. And a good number of americans don't see this as a problem, they'd rather be silent and blame the victim. The Dallas shooting happened cause some guy with mental problems was pushed over the edge from this failed justice system and police corruption. But the media goes ahead and blames BLM ins
  4. I don't care if he did have a gun. There was already video out there that proved he didn't shoot anything when the cops were getting shot at yet they still post his photo up on their twitter calling him a suspect. He should not have been looked at in the first place. And the fact that they tried to make up false witnesses and evidence just proves they were trying to purposely pin it on him. his picture is still there on their twitter and he is still getting death threats. Not a single statement from them saying hes been cleared.
  5. https://twitter.com/ElginCharles/status/751313470000365568 They tried to pin the Dallas cop shootings on a random black guy. Social media quickly debunked him from being a "person of interest" when he was seen on the street (and not shooting) when the attacks took place. They tried to make up false evidence against him in questioning too. Police corruption is stronger than ever i see...
  6. they probably don't want to get on the bad side of law enforcement. thats what i'm guessing.
  7. because hes stupid as fuck. Did he really think that black man was going to shoot him with his KID AND GIRLFRIEND IN THE CAR? and to continue pointing a gun at a dying man that did nothing wrong instead of giving him medical attention speaks volumes of his morals. He could have been saved if this cop owned up to his mistake and gotten him some help
  8. https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/704886202554568704 this is disgusting! none of them have any right to put their hands on that woman.
  9. I always hated him when he was well-liked. Now this just gives me a reason to. Side-eyeing anyone on facebook who supports him now.
  10. you guys do realize that he still follows Madonna on twitter right?? this thread is misinforming people. He doesn't hate Madonna at all!
  11. i never liked the washed up child molester tbh. Wade Robson came out and finally revealed that MJ was a monster. its a shame that MJ got away with it....
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-ljYLoSG6A Candy Shop in Chile....
  13. I would go see her live if i wasn't such a broke bitch. Sucks for fans from Australia. 20 years of no Madge
  14. i always use this quote, as if it were my own, around my friends. Madonna is a genius!
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