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  1. Racist lunatic at Walmart

    does anyone know the context of how this all started?
  2. Katy Perry thread

    not surprising that Taylor Swift would summon her "squad" to shit on this single. just like the time they all came out in droves when Kim exposed her. shes such a punk! btw when Nicki free version of Swish Swish leaking?
  3. Songs you were surprised that Madonna sang?

    i used to watch Vh1 as a kid and they would sometimes play a snippet of Human Nature and Secret as background music for their TV specials, it wasn't til much later that i found out she sang them.
  4. Katy Perry thread

    Nicki is so played out, people need to stop featuring her. I get that they probably used her because she had issues with Taylor in the past but her presence was unnecessary.
  5. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    its selective outrage for sure. had it been a conservative country singer, they would have witchhunted them for that kind of thing. either that or she's just too irrelevant for the general public to be outraged at.
  6. Katy Perry thread

    american idol was the worst. they peddled out the same male singer-songwriter / country winners year after year. they have zero to do with pop music and she should stay away from it
  7. Debbie Harry thinks Madonna is an 'a-hole'

    Cyndi saying she disagreed with M's approach (in a respectful way) is not the same as calling her an "asshole" like Debbie. its almost like saying anyone that doesn't like a certain song of Madge's is "dissing" her.
  8. Debbie Harry thinks Madonna is an 'a-hole'

    Cyndi Lauper didn't really diss Madonna but keep reaching i guess.
  9. Katy Perry thread

    i like her new single more than chain to the rhythm
  10. Nothing Fails was a single but apart from that. Nothing else screams "single" material. I'm So Stupid maybe, but even that would have been too left field for the radio.
  11. agreed. the Erotica era was considered Madonna's waning era of the 90's (in terms of success).
  12. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    i don't mind Pharrell but i can understand the concerns since his sound is a bit outdated. i think another album with patrick leonard would be fantastic.
  13. Which half of BEDTIME STORIES do you prefer?

    yeah, i love it so much that i've downloaded so many fan remixes of some songs X) i can see why some fans would not consider it her most memorable album though (as a whole, but Secret and Human Nature will always be iconic!)
  14. Which half of BEDTIME STORIES do you prefer?

    the first half. it was a hard choice considering this is my all time favorite album