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  1. From what I understand (the Australians here can correct me if I'm wrong), the Australian Constitution does not have the same Bill of Rights, guarantees of individual freedom and equal protection of the laws as the US Constitution does. Therefore that makes it much more difficult if not impossible to challenge the gay marriage ban in the Supreme Court as was done in the US. If in the US we had to rely on our legislators to approve of gay marriage, we wouldn't have it either!
  2. It's sad. But what is really pathetic, is in the US this would not even be a major story. People get stabbed or shot on a daily basis, and it's only reported in the fine print in the back of the Metro section of the paper. In the US. sadly we've become used to this kind of violence.
  3. I'm looking forward to it. I hope it all goes well and there aren't too many problems with the water and Zika etc. I love the Summer Olympics because I used to run track and field. I also love the gymnastics and swimming. And of course I hope Serena Williams can win another gold in tennis and a gold in doubles with Venus!
  4. The Trump supporters in this thread are scary!! I hope he doesn't win. I'm getting scared he will, if even Madonna fans are supporting him!
  5. So what? He made a mistake and misspoke, just like I said Madonna is the Queen of politics. His speech was powerful. He brought the house down.
  6. But his speech was so powerful! It was hardly pointless. Maybe his wife isn't fluent in English.
  7. I corrected it. I suppose you never made a mistake in a post. It must be nice to be so perfect. I couldn't decide whether to put Hillary or Madonna first and that led to the mistake.
  8. Whether you like Hillary or hate her, whether you agree with her or not, you have to agree it was a historic moment for the country. The first woman nominated by a major party in the United States. I shed a tear! I think Hillary is an amazing politician, but some people I guess want her to be a saint. She's not. I get disagreeing with her politics, but I don't see why some people think she's a horrible person. I don't get the hate directed at her. I find some Bernie supporters really childish and idiotic. But I thought it was great how he nominated her, it showed real class. Not like Lucifer in the Flesh Ted Cruz at the Republican convention. I said it before and I will say it again. Madonna is the Queen of Music, Hillary is the Queen of Politics, and Serena Williams is the Queen of Sports!
  9. Michelle is amazing, but I don't see her running for political office. I think she will continue her campaigns to help women and children, and to encourage healthy eating and exercise in a more non-partisan way. Politics is a dirty business, I don't think she wants any part of actually running for office, and who can blame her!
  10. I think it has more to do with the email scandal. There is some law that makes it illegal to mishandle, leak or be careless with classified information. Some people have been prosecuted for not protecting classified information. The FBI did an investigation of her handling of classified information on her server when she was Secretary of State and found while she was careless, it didn't rise to the level of a crime that should be prosecuted. I think the "lock her up" stuff is mostly in reference to that.
  11. Well, at least both of the conventions are more interesting and entertaining that they have been in the past where everyone was unified and they all agreed.
  12. And didn't every speaker at the Republican convention talk about Hillary Clinton and how bad she is and how she should be locked up. What's the difference?
  13. Lady Gaga is not going to be at the actual convention in Philadelphia. She is performing at a free concert for delegates that they are having across the river in Camden, New Jersey. Lenny Kravitz is also going to perform at the concert.
  14. I don't see why he should be praised just for running for President. Isn't he doing it to benefit himself to get more attention? What is the good of speaking his mind, if a lot of it is ignorant. Sometimes you need to listen to people who have studied the issues and know more than you do. He wants to be seen as fearless but he sticks with a lot of Republican orthodoxy. If he is so fearless, why doesn't he tell the Republicans they should support marriage equality when he supported in the past and went to gay marriages. Why doesn't he support a woman's right to choose, when he supported that in the past, but now he went along with the standard pro-life Republican opinion? What is brave about attacking Mexican immigrants and Muslims, two of the most powerless groups in our society?
  15. I see the parallels between Hillary and Madonna. But at the same time, I do feel we need to hold Hillary to a higher standard than Madonna, because Hillary is ruining for the most powerful position in the world and is dealing with major economic and international issues of terrorism, war and peace etc. whereas Madonna is a pop star and an entertainer. If she messes up, it mostly just affects herself and her record sales. If Hillary messes up, it affects a lot more people. I totally support Hillary, but I don't think she has always been truthful and ethical and she needs to do a better job going forward. To point that out, doesn't mean you are equating her with Trump, who I agree is offensive on every level. I don't think you can compare some humorous silly things Madonna did on Instagram to things involving life and death like Benghazi or things involving national security like the email scandal.
  16. I don't think she is going to pick Elizabeth Warren. Her personality is so strident and obnoxious. It goes against Hillary's theme to show she is grown up, dignified and adult in comparison to Trump. Plus Warren is too old. Just because she is in Orlando doesn't mean she's part of Hillary's announcement as VP. Maybe she is there to honor the victims, not to be Hillary's VP choice. Is it confirmed she's announcing it today. I thought I read she was introducing her choice tomorrow in Miami. If it's someone other than Kaine, she might pick Corey Booker, from NJ. She likes him, he's well spoken and younger and cool. I don't think she needs to necessarily pick someone more liberal and progressive than she is. The people in the middle decide the election. She doesn't want to scare them off with someone too far to the left.
  17. I think she will choose Tim Kaine because Virginia is a swing state and he will help with the Hispanic vote because he is fluent in Spanish. The left will complain about his banks stand but where else do they have to go besides Hillary. She needs the votes of moderates to win.
  18. It's official, everyone! Trump is the Republican nominee! His son Donald, Jr. put him over the top announcing the NY State delegate count! No turning back now!
  19. All the female, Latino, black and young white Republican politicians wanted nothing to do with him and refused to run with him. He was too extreme and bigoted even for them so he was left with no choice but an old white bigot. A lot of the minority Republicans really were pissed off when he criticized the judge for being Mexican. If he wanted to be inclusive and soften his image, he could have chosen Tim Scott, the black Republican Senator from South Carolina. That would have been a great choice. Scott was really impressive during the shooting in Charlestown of the church members. But again, Trump messed up!
  20. Yes, but in a way it is about guns. You can't change what is in people's minds and hearts, but you can stop them from acting on those prejudices if they don't have access to weapons. A lot of people in Europe have racist thoughts and don't like people who don't look like them. Wasn't that behind the Brexit vote? So it's not purely an American problem, but a global problem. But in a lot of other countries, guns aren't so easily available so even if you hate people who aren't like you, it's not as easy to act on it in a violent way.
  21. The shooter was in the military and served in Afghanistan. I've noticed quite a few of these people in these mass shootings and have served in the US military. I think that messes up their mind and they suffer from PTSD. I think we need to think about what involving people in these conflicts like Iraq or Afghanistan does to people's minds. Other countries don't send as many of their soldiers to fight in these wars. I think that is another factor that contributes to our higher level of mass shootings. There's a militarization of society in general and the idea the way to solve things is to send in the troops. Fighting and seeing people killed really can mess up your mind.
  22. I agree mostly, but it seems like a lot of people didn't really understand what they were voting on. They didn't fully comprehend all the consequences of leaving the EU. As I said, I don't think it was really an appropriate thing to be having a referendum on. It affects a lot of people who have EU passports who from what I understand couldn't vote because they weren't British citizens. I don't think they should have had a referendum on this in the first place, but since they did I think they have to accept the result.
  23. Exactly! That's the hypocrisy of it all. It came out that Donald Trump hired a whole bunch of immigrants to work on this big project he is building here in Washington, DC. But in every speech he says how bad they are and how they are destroying the country!
  24. What's the point of having a referendum though if it's not binding and has no effect? Why not just have Parliament vote in the first place? Usually, referendums are binding in the US, unless they are in conflict with the US Constitution in some way.
  25. People always say they want to reduce and get rid of the immigrants, but it never happens, because these countries need the immigrants to perform certain jobs especially in the service industry that native born people refuse to do. The US economy would come to a halt if immigration was radically cut back and I'm sure the UK economy is the same. People act like these immigrants sit around doing nothing, just using up social services, but most immigrants I've ever known are hard working people who add a lot to the economy. They work really hard to make money so that they can have a better life and send some back to their relatives that still live in their original country. So immigrants actually add a lot to the economy not take from it. I don't think recent immigrants are buying the super expensive real estate in the center of London. So I really don't think they are to blame for the inflation of urban real estate.
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