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  1. Australia's postal vote on marriage equality

    From what I understand (the Australians here can correct me if I'm wrong), the Australian Constitution does not have the same Bill of Rights, guarantees of individual freedom and equal protection of the laws as the US Constitution does. Therefore that makes it much more difficult if not impossible to challenge the gay marriage ban in the Supreme Court as was done in the US. If in the US we had to rely on our legislators to approve of gay marriage, we wouldn't have it either!
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Her kids are very talkative! When I was 4, I barely talked. Glad she is encouraging her kids to express themselves!
  3. M14 producers wishlist

    She needs to get away from anything straight up dance/house. Been there, done that!
  4. M14 producers wishlist

    Here are my suggestions for a good direction that would be slightly different but I think she could credibly pull off. 1) downtempo trip hop like Massive Attack or Portishead 2) Alternative R&B like Frank Ocean or Banks, or this new artist named Tei Shi. 3) Dance mixed with world music like African, Cuban, Jamician, and Brazilian fado beats. 4) indie pop like Lorde and Lana del Rey. Madonna is a contemporary and modern person so norhing too retro. Trendy is not always bad.
  5. M14 producers wishlist

    Jennifer Dicilveo who wrote and produced Beth Ditto's last album. It would be great for her to work with a female producer and co writer for a change. Jennifer comes from a R&B background but can also do dance, pop and rock so if they worked together the album would be eclectic and unpredictable.
  6. But what is Madonna's core characteristic style? Isn't it primarily dance/electronic music mixed in with some R&B? Hasn't she mostly stuck to that albeit with a modern production? I think those styles of music evolve more than rock so if you are going to continue doing those styles you are going to end up working with what people see as young hip producers and sounds. It's not like Madonna was a rock and acoustic artist and all of a sudden changed to doing electronic and hip hop influenced music. It doesn't make sense to compare her to a rock band like U2.
  7. Most male legends that I can think of do rock oriented music which does not change as much as dance/electronic music which a lot of the female artists do. Dance and electronic music is always dismissed as following a trend even though Madonna has done it since the beginning of her career. Your point would be more valid if you could compare an older male artist who does electronic music to Madonna and other female artists but there really aren't any. And male legends have on occasion done collaborations and hired trendy producers but they don't get the same criticism as Madonna. Paul McCartney for example did a song with Rihanna and Kanye and has worked with trendy producers such as Marc Ronson and Greg Kerstin.
  8. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    You hate everything she does. You hold her to an impossible standard with your cruel nasty posts. How do you know she wasn't trying? Of course you will blame me for being over sensitive, but sick of your bullying posts with all your misspellings. You think you are funny but you are just gross.
  9. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    She had a cold or flu here. Even her speaking voice at the March was very hoarse and raspy, nothing like she usually sounds. I don't think it's fair to lump this in with the Prince tribute which was very nice vocally. She was lucky she could get any sound out given how bad her throat was. I don't think it's fair to hold this up as her standard performance because she was sick and usually sounds nothing like this.
  10. Why does JEZEBEL hate her so much?

    I wasn't aware that Jezebel was a feminist or left wing site. I thought it was a standard gossip site? It doesn't seem that deep or political to me. I don't think it's true at all that most left wing or feminist people have a problem with Madonna. Most respect her for what she has done to expand the choices women can make in how they present themselves although they may not always agree with her individual choices. Most of the criticism I see of Madonna online seems to come from the far right.
  11. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    Why is it at the time when everyone was watching it live, everyone here was praising it and saying it was beautiful? But now everyone says it was awful? It seems to me people are influenced by the negativity of the media and social media instead of making up their own mind whether they like something. Everyone has to go along with the crowd and is scared to have an alternative opinion. A dance song would have been nice, but maybe not appropriate so soon after Prince's death. I thought her vocals were lovely and heart felt and she didn't deserve all the hate and ridicule.
  12. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    I prefer hearing Like a prayer closer to the original version with the gospel fervor. The acoustic version doesn't do it for me. It removes the soul and passion from it. I don't think anyone has forgotten Like a Prayer since Madonna performs it on most of her tours. I'm sure you wouldn't be saying my opinions were boring and repetitive if I agreed with you. Don't you repeat the same things over and over? This is a forum. We don't have to see things the same and no one should be attacked for having an alternative opinion.
  13. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    Why does he want to rerecord Like A Prayer with that terrible baby voiced singer? I know everyone loves Pat, but I think he's pushing the nostalgia thing a bit far. Why not showcase new original songs he is writing? I realy have no interest in hearing Madonna re record her hits in an acoustic form. The orchestra thing has become such a cliche. So many artists have done that. Now if she did an album of new songs or even covers in an acoustic or orchestral form that might be cool.
  14. I wonder if she is going to be in it or direct it? I think directing something for Netflix would be more successful than doing a regular theatrical release.
  15. I can totally understand people preferring new music to films. But it's not as if she said she is giving up releasing albums to just direct films. So I think some of the panic is unnecessary. She will give us a new album eventually. I do hope though the movie comes with new music. I think the film could lend itself to a Breathless style slbum inspired by the film. People complain they are bored with her just doing contemporary dance pop. Doing an album inspired by the film could allow her to stretch herself and surprise people since it takes place in three different time periods.
  16. It deals partially with that as the main character's twin brother is gay. It takes place in three different time periods but it has the same characters in each not parallel stories like W.E. In 1985, Greta's twin dies of AIDS. In the other time periods he is not able to be open about his sexuality and in one of them he is married to a woman and has a secret lover who people think is his attorney. Greta encourages him to be more open. But it is not exclusively about gay rights. It also deals with the role of women in these different time periods. I can definitely see why she wants to direct it since it deals with a lot of the issues she is passionate about. But it is a very ambitious project. From the book, it could either be amazing and be an Academy award winning film or a total disaster depending on how it is handled. Time will tell!
  17. I enjoyed Swept Away. I think people were way too harsh on it. For me as a fan it was more interesting when she was acting in films rather than directing them though because at least we got to see her. Most people go to films to see the actors in them not so much the storyline or the director. I think one of the issues with W.E. Was the actresses in it weren't well known. It would greatly improve the chances for success of the new film if she could get some well known actors and actresses who have their own fans who want to see them on screen. I am more excited about this film than her other directing projects just because I have read the book and I really love it!
  18. How about if she did an EP or album with the movie. The movie takes place in 3 different time periods, 1918, 1941 and 1985. She could do covers of songs from those time periods or write new songs in the style of that time. I came across this playlist created by the author of the novel of songs that inspired him in writing it. It's very interesting. Would you like to hear Madonna sing any of these songs? 9 Songs that Inspired Andrew Sean Greer I lived through 1985, but I didn’t live through 1941 or 1918, the other eras of Greta’s life, so I tried to imagine what I would have listened to back then. A mad mix of everything, it turns out—from swing to classical to vaudeville. 1. When Tomorrow Comes by The Eurythmics 1985 was full of pop sounds, but for me I always loved a brokenhearted woman who sang like a robot. Annie Lennox helped me survive adolescence with her lovelorn lyrics and cold cold heart. And yet—so full of hope. If there were a movie of Greta Wells, it would begin with this song about “tomorrow.” 2. Close To Me by The Cure Almost as good as a robot lady for me was a man falling apart. Being fifteen, putting this into my Walkman, and hearing The Cure breathing into my ear. Shocking. Raw and sad and full of desperate love, just like Greta. Listen to the swinging brass section—echoes of the past. 3. La Vie En Rose by Grace Jones Grace Jones, the ultimate robot chanteuse. This patient nostalgic remake (she doesn’t sing for two and a half minutes): I picture Greta playing it as she lies in bed and thinks about her life. 4. Chattanooga Choo Choo by The Andrews Sisters I just had to. 1941. What could better capture the spirit of America on the brink of war? They are really swinging on this one by the two minute mark. 5. Lady in the Dark: The Saga of Jenny by Gertrude Lawrence It wasn’t all swing swing swing in 1941—there was wit and elegance to the era, including this Kurt Weil number. It pretends to be a moral tale about how a woman should not make up her mind. Of course it really does quite the opposite. 6. Everything Happens to Me by Billie Holiday Oh Billie. A comical journey through the mishaps of a woman’s life, but Billy Holiday gives it real despair. I imagine this playing in Greta’s kitchen as she smokes a cigarette while the casserole heats in the oven. 7. Darktown Strutter's Ball by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band 1918 had a sense of freedom, and this song (disturbingly titled) shows undeniable joy. Picture young women tapping their feet, unlacing their corsets and getting up to dance! Greta’s Aunt Ruth would have played this hit during one of her notorious parties. 8. Firebird Suite: The Infernal Dance by The Budapest Festival Orchestra Jazz, ragtime, dixieland—music that many Americans didn’t understand. But classical was quite in vogue. This piece was thoroughly modern, and its drama reminds us of the horrors of 1918: war, famine and plague. 9. You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet by Al Jolson Subtly risqué vaudeville. Jolsen sang like nobody before—people wept and screamed—and he influenced Crosby, Sinatra, Elvis, and every kid on American Idol who croons a note. What better way to end a soundtrack than with a promise of better to come?
  19. Of course it's not karaoke when she sings her own songs, but I personally think it's more interesting when she reinvents them rather does them exactly like the original studio recordings. Sort of blends the past with the present.
  20. Some people in this thread remind me of the two old grumpy guys sitting on the balcony on the Muppets criticizing the show. So all the albums that sold more than Rebel Heart were so much better in quality? Quality really has little to do with creating pop hits these days.
  21. Good idea! This is actually a constructive suggestion unlike some of the random bitching on here. She has done non pop/dance oriented projects in the past like I'm Breathless and Evita so doing a different kind of album is something she could do while still being true to herself and not compromising her integrity.
  22. Wouldn't she have the same actress play Greta in all three time periods or it would be super confusing?
  23. As long as I can remember even back in the 80's unfortunately Madonna has had the image of being cold and mean among the general public, even though we know she's not really like that. I think that's going to be very hard to change in people's minds. And that image didn't stop her earlier records from being successful. You say you don't want her to be seen as cold and mean, but then you don't like her kid pictures.But don't those show her as a loving mom and soften her image? I know it's the thing now, but I hate this whole brand thing. I miss when people were musicians and not brands. It all seems very phony to me, that you have to go on some serving PR campaign to make everyone like you. I also think a big part of Madonna's brand and persona is not caring what other people think and being yourself, so if she goes on a big calculated campaign to make everyone like her doesn't that go against one key basis of her brand?
  24. If she wants to lose a lot of money which she clearly isn't interested in doing!
  25. Neither do I!!!! Just because you are a super fan may want all this stuff doesn't mean there are a huge number of people who do, certainly not enough to justify all the time and money it would take to put all this together. Some people here don't live in reality!