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  1. If she didn't post anything, you would complain she is lazy and doesn't care about music anymore. Just because she posts a picture of who she is working with, doesn't mean the music will leak out early.
  2. I' m fine with her including some world music beats but mixed in with a contemporary sound. But too literal a world music sound would be a turn off for me.
  3. Why are people upset? Madonna has always been a modern pop artist! I don't want an authentic literal world music Portuguese album. Like a Prayer was pop music in its time, not some underground sound.
  4. If she wants a rap feature, she should get a UK grime artist!!
  5. I don't think the recording takes that much longer than it used to. She just takes longer breaks between albums now. Also, you have to keep in mind tours are more important now. By the time she plans the tour and finishes it, over a year has gone by when she isn't working on new material. With ROL, there wasn't a tour right before it. I predict a fall 2018 release.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Absolutely! An autobiography is my most hoped for project! Madonna is one of the most literary of pop stars. She reads a lot of books, so she should write one of her own. I''be discovered so many great books because she mentioned them in interviews. I read Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin because of her. The only problem is she has done so much, it's hard to fit into all one book without making it too long which would turn people off from reading it. She needs to write several. Perhaps the first could cover her childhood and the 80's!
  7. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    I read somewhere that she is only staying there for a year for her son's course. I know quite a few people who have moved to Europe for a year or so for work or school. They usually rent rather than buy. Of course she will eventually come back to NYC. She is a New Yorker at heart.
  8. She posts almost everyday on Instagram, but she doesn't record everything she does in a given day.
  9. What major tv show premieres videos anymore? I can't remember the last time I saw a music video on tv. Now she could perform the new single on a tv show.
  10. We need another dark hair era

    Yes, that's my favorite too! Hair color looks better when it has different shades in it than one flat color.
  11. We need another dark hair era

    I like the one with the darker roots and the blonde ends. It's darker but still not too harsh with some variation.
  12. Yes. but if she wasn't on Instagram she wouldn't be able to share things with us fans. Social media is a necessary way now for artists to promote themselves. Instagram has way fewer haters than other social media like twitter. You can just not read the comments. I love her daily Instagram posts and would hate if a few trolls and haters drove her away. It gives us something to enjoy in this otherwise down slow period.
  13. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    Because she's Madonna! If I invite Madonna to my wedding I want her to look like Madonna! Not some random odd person I don't know! 😂
  14. Australia legalizes marriage equality!

    From what I understand (the Australians here can correct me if I'm wrong), the Australian Constitution does not have the same Bill of Rights, guarantees of individual freedom and equal protection of the laws as the US Constitution does. Therefore that makes it much more difficult if not impossible to challenge the gay marriage ban in the Supreme Court as was done in the US. If in the US we had to rely on our legislators to approve of gay marriage, we wouldn't have it either!
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Her kids are very talkative! When I was 4, I barely talked. Glad she is encouraging her kids to express themselves!
  16. M14 producers wishlist

    She needs to get away from anything straight up dance/house. Been there, done that!
  17. M14 producers wishlist

    Here are my suggestions for a good direction that would be slightly different but I think she could credibly pull off. 1) downtempo trip hop like Massive Attack or Portishead 2) Alternative R&B like Frank Ocean or Banks, or this new artist named Tei Shi. 3) Dance mixed with world music like African, Cuban, Jamician, and Brazilian fado beats. 4) indie pop like Lorde and Lana del Rey. Madonna is a contemporary and modern person so norhing too retro. Trendy is not always bad.
  18. M14 producers wishlist

    Jennifer Dicilveo who wrote and produced Beth Ditto's last album. It would be great for her to work with a female producer and co writer for a change. Jennifer comes from a R&B background but can also do dance, pop and rock so if they worked together the album would be eclectic and unpredictable.
  19. But what is Madonna's core characteristic style? Isn't it primarily dance/electronic music mixed in with some R&B? Hasn't she mostly stuck to that albeit with a modern production? I think those styles of music evolve more than rock so if you are going to continue doing those styles you are going to end up working with what people see as young hip producers and sounds. It's not like Madonna was a rock and acoustic artist and all of a sudden changed to doing electronic and hip hop influenced music. It doesn't make sense to compare her to a rock band like U2.
  20. Most male legends that I can think of do rock oriented music which does not change as much as dance/electronic music which a lot of the female artists do. Dance and electronic music is always dismissed as following a trend even though Madonna has done it since the beginning of her career. Your point would be more valid if you could compare an older male artist who does electronic music to Madonna and other female artists but there really aren't any. And male legends have on occasion done collaborations and hired trendy producers but they don't get the same criticism as Madonna. Paul McCartney for example did a song with Rihanna and Kanye and has worked with trendy producers such as Marc Ronson and Greg Kerstin.
  21. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    You hate everything she does. You hold her to an impossible standard with your cruel nasty posts. How do you know she wasn't trying? Of course you will blame me for being over sensitive, but sick of your bullying posts with all your misspellings. You think you are funny but you are just gross.
  22. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    She had a cold or flu here. Even her speaking voice at the March was very hoarse and raspy, nothing like she usually sounds. I don't think it's fair to lump this in with the Prince tribute which was very nice vocally. She was lucky she could get any sound out given how bad her throat was. I don't think it's fair to hold this up as her standard performance because she was sick and usually sounds nothing like this.
  23. Why does JEZEBEL hate her so much?

    I wasn't aware that Jezebel was a feminist or left wing site. I thought it was a standard gossip site? It doesn't seem that deep or political to me. I don't think it's true at all that most left wing or feminist people have a problem with Madonna. Most respect her for what she has done to expand the choices women can make in how they present themselves although they may not always agree with her individual choices. Most of the criticism I see of Madonna online seems to come from the far right.
  24. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    Why is it at the time when everyone was watching it live, everyone here was praising it and saying it was beautiful? But now everyone says it was awful? It seems to me people are influenced by the negativity of the media and social media instead of making up their own mind whether they like something. Everyone has to go along with the crowd and is scared to have an alternative opinion. A dance song would have been nice, but maybe not appropriate so soon after Prince's death. I thought her vocals were lovely and heart felt and she didn't deserve all the hate and ridicule.
  25. Patrick Leonard thread

    I prefer hearing Like a prayer closer to the original version with the gospel fervor. The acoustic version doesn't do it for me. It removes the soul and passion from it. I don't think anyone has forgotten Like a Prayer since Madonna performs it on most of her tours. I'm sure you wouldn't be saying my opinions were boring and repetitive if I agreed with you. Don't you repeat the same things over and over? This is a forum. We don't have to see things the same and no one should be attacked for having an alternative opinion.