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  1. So, so tragic. I lived in downtown Boston for 5 years. Spent tons of long hours in the Library, literally in front of the bombs. I've been calling friends with no answer. Apparently they shut down service to prevent any furthur detinations. I have to say Facebook has been pretty helpful for keeping up with friend's whereabouts. For the first time I'm actually thankful for facebook/twitter updates. Stay safe everybody.
  2. Ugh I've missed you so much!!

  3. Are you going to go?! Can't believe she's playing here!! :) xo

  4. Yup, I am! I'd like to avoid it, too -- hope it's not too crazy. I do have to go Downtown on Saturday morning for an appointment. Take care! :)

  5. I didn't know you're from Pgh! Nah, I'm staying away from downtown this week.

  6. I was going to post about the filming in Pittsburgh in the Dark Knight thread as well! Are you going to Heinz Field this weekend? I think I heard they're also filming in Oakland (near St. Paul's Cathedral)... If you do, avoid Mr. Bale's fists! ;)

  7. You've been too quiet lately. I miss seeing your posts.

  8. Wait, you can do status updates?! Cool!

  9. I always appreciate you and your comments. You rock!

  10. That guy is like a far less attractive, poofier version of you!

  11. Don't make fun of mah porn!

  12. I wanna sit on that face and rub my hole on those teeth back and forth to give it a nice scrub.