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  1. Ideally I'd like to see her sucking a giant cock this time around.
  2. So, so tragic. I lived in downtown Boston for 5 years. Spent tons of long hours in the Library, literally in front of the bombs. I've been calling friends with no answer. Apparently they shut down service to prevent any furthur detinations. I have to say Facebook has been pretty helpful for keeping up with friend's whereabouts. For the first time I'm actually thankful for facebook/twitter updates. Stay safe everybody.
  3. Ugh I've missed you so much!!

  4. Remove MDNA from iTunes and ship all remaining copies back to Interscope thus causing the only 100% decline ever. The media will blow up.
  5. I would kill for rehearsal footage. Also the coconut water display is a nice touch. No biggie.
  6. Are you going to go?! Can't believe she's playing here!! :) xo

  7. WITCWI - Whatever I'm totally cool with it.
  8. Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana, one of those 50 states that make up the U.S. Celebration peaking at #5 in Japan is totally awesome but you can go ahead and add this: #71 - United States
  9. Timberlake is too old anyway, replace him with Beiber
  10. Yup, I am! I'd like to avoid it, too -- hope it's not too crazy. I do have to go Downtown on Saturday morning for an appointment. Take care! :)

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