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  1. Yeah, Crazy is great! It reminds me a little bit of the True Blue era. I love it!
  2. Erotica was first, then it was American Life. And it seems that Madame X will be the next revalued album. More and more people appreciate it. I love Madame X.
  3. Ok, I see what you mean. Thank you! I also love the voice effects on these two particular songs.
  4. What is the purpose in tracks like DB and GC? To introduce a different persona?
  5. And unusually again, she's not playing the main role in a video of this era.
  6. Me too: fan since 86, and reading all of you every day! Madonnanation is a place where I escape and forget all the stress
  7. Now they say: "WE GOT IT!!! Get your friends to retweet #UnapologeticB and follow @MADONNASTRTTEAM and you will get it early " True or False?
  8. In these interviews you can see that in the 90s she was more interested in talking about her music than nowadays...
  9. Blond Ambition (Barcelona) Drowned World (Barcelona) Re-Invention (Paris x 2) Confessions (Paris) Sticky & Sweet (Valencia & Barcelona) MDNA (Barcelona x 2) .... and finally, I touched her hand! :-)
  10. Oh..., Sorry, I didn't know it. Thanks! I really hope she will be #1 today. eXciter.
  11. Anyone knows the UK midweeks sales as of today? Thanks eX
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