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  1. Oh! You're right.... I barely remembered it, but yes, it's true.
  2. In my opinion, "Dress You Up", "True Blue" and "Who's That Girl" deserved to be in TIC. However, not enough room for so many hits!!! ;-)
  3. Total length of The Immaculate Collection: 73:32 Not much space left for any more tracks? Maybe just one?
  4. Yes, "Los 40 Principales" ;-) Wait...! Wasn't it "Can't Stop" the song used in the jingle?
  5. Yes, in Spain "Who's that Girl" was all the time on the radio. Really a Monster Hit in 1987.
  6. I ADORE Whos That Girl song. It was the first Madonna new single that I enjoyed as a fan (I started liking her at the end of the True Blue era) Whos That Girl is pure pop perfection.
  7. Who's that guy in the Sex release party? He looks like David Bowie...
  8. MADONNA REWIND: "Spotlight"

    It was played on the Spanish radio quite often back then. I remember it as a decent radio hit, here in Spain. Nowadays? I think nobody remembers it.
  9. Happy 30 years Who s that girl

    I adore this song. A bit forgotten by general public.... and that's why I was so glad that she sang it in many of the Rebel Heart shows. In Spain it was a massive hit at the time. Love it. It brings me so many memories.
  10. Your HOLY TRINITY from each tour!

    VIRGIN Dress you up Over and over Like a virgin WHO'S THAT GIRL Open your heart Lucky star Who's that girl BLOND AMBITION Express yourself Vogue Keep it together GIRLIE SHOW Fever Why's It so hard La isla bonita DROWNED WORLD Impressive instant Sky fits heaven Music RE-INVENTION Vogue Nobody knows me Mother and Father CONFESSIONS Future Lovers Like it or not Let it will be STICKY & SWEET Candy Shop Vogue She's not me MDNA Girl gone wild Human nature Like a virgin / Love spent REBEL HEART Holy water Who's that girl Rebel heart
  11. In these interviews you can see that in the 90s she was more interested in talking about her music than nowadays...
  12. What tours have you seen live?

    Blond Ambition (Barcelona) Drowned World (Barcelona) Re-Invention (Paris x 2) Confessions (Paris) Sticky & Sweet (Valencia & Barcelona) MDNA (Barcelona x 2) .... and finally, I touched her hand! :-)