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  1. 5 videos? Sounds chaotic. I belive she ll make just one video and realise album and go on tour
  2. hypocricy i m member many years and this is insulting to censor opinion about good and bad taste in music if i said that for gaga fans nothing woul happen so it means here you have double criteria. also if you dont like to see my posts just block me.
  3. i was suspended couse i said avicii lovers dont have taste in music. I must say this forum became everything that madonna message is not. Now we have new forbiden subject and i guess madonnanation suports facist state of marine le penn. freedom of speach allows people to discuss about leaks couse they happened. express dont repress
  4. did you get it? send me mail i ll send it to you

  5. yeah right..as they didnt know it will leak. it is to much money involved. anyway... those who are talking about saying goodbye are stupid
  6. oh yea....if guy was smarter they would leak one by one unused tracks for RH album until is out so they mislead us....and keep us happy and melts all over this forum and then put an album with total new sound-songs...
  7. people who think it will be a big change from demo until final thing are forgetting GMAYL demo. i doubt it was recorded and leaked in very very rough outfit...this is it. and it is nice...a bit pop rock with folky singing. i guess she understood how much people loved BK and also that she ll use more and more and more and more guitar :D
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