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Found 3 results

  1. Yes, I know it's from Angela Cheng (ugh), but the article does contain some interesting info if any of it is actually true. Madonna almost dropped from Warner Brothers in 1994 First, I am glad that my prediction (and it was only a prediction, folks) about Madonna singing the song for “The Giver” never came true. The movie was terrible. It was a flop. It’s a good thing that Madonna had nothing to do with the movie, though she was definitely asked to contribute to the soundtrack. Second, I have received at least 500 emails asking me about Madonna’s next album. I have no details about it, u
  2. Valley Of The Dolls remake – Madonna playing the aging Broadway star! The bitchy, sexy and over the top drama of “Valley of the Dolls” – the 1967 movie based on the mega-smash 1966 novel by Jaqueline Susann – is set to make its “return” to the big screen via 20th Century Fox. Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, and Barbara Parkins starred in the original movie, the story of three women’s rise, fall and pill popping tirades (the pills were called “Dolls.”) The film was set in New York’s theatre world and Hollywood movie biz. The “new” Valley of the Dolls, will have a decidedly different “spin” on the
  3. Let's kick off this puppy by the first rumor. I know it's a story from The Examiner, but it's always fun to get new album talk started somewhere: The Examiner: Full story here: source They get Giorgio's name wrong, so that's a first mistake, but still...
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