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Found 14 results

  1. Now that the tour is just around the corner, time to appreciate the last album before RH. While it wasn't groundbreaking nor avantgarde for Madonna's standards, I feel MDNA was a good album, above some of the albums by other artists released at that time. For me, I feel that that time around Madonna was really having and letting loose. Sure, there was some of that in Hard Candy but during MDNA, I saw more fun from her. It looked like she was really having a good time. And she looked fantastic again. Let us not forget great songs from the album: Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Falling Free, and Beaut
  2. Let me start by saying that this topic is NOT meant to bash Madonna. But listening to the album and especially songs such as BIM, Holy Water, Inside Out and S.E.X. (my all-time fave guilty pleasure!!!) I can't help but wonder how Madonna would have felt about this album and these songs if she could have had a glimpse of the future let's say during 1990-2004. Back then she was so proud of what she was doing, getting more serious as an artist and it paid off with huge sales for her ROL and Music albums. My guess is that American Life's flop ruined everything. She wanted to get back on
  3. Lately i've been having this on repeat when listening to MDNA. I think it's an underrated single that had it performed better, more love would've been thrown its way. It's a weird dance song that it's not so dance-y like her other songs and it's great live. And..
  4. I'm really enjoying this remix at the moment! Found it earlier this week, never heard it before. Thought I would share... Show some Love for Love Spent, the best song on MDNA! https://vimeo.com/71109756 ps. I hope the video link is ok?
  5. I've just found this from the MDNA tour era. It's not so clear but from what I can see, it's a quite an early/mid 80s look with that big hair bow and the see-through top, and then a bit more androgynous from the waist down; a classic Madonna combination: Does anyone have any better photos or footage of this?
  6. Love Spent (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/madonna-love-spent-album-instrumental Love Spent (Acoustic) [instrumental] http://www.mixcloud.com/lovespent/love-spent-acoustic-remix-instrumental/ I'm A Sinner (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/sinner-inst Some Girls (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/some-girls-album-inst Falling Free (Album Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/falling-free-instrumental Gang Bang (Alternate Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/orbitstreamcast/gng-bng-inst Bang
  7. What a fucking year it has been. Without any new album or music, Madonna managed to keep the year eventful for us fans, and ended up turning her downtime into a new era for enjoyment. Let's take a look back at some of the highlights: February 9th: Madonna joins Instagram! "Cheers Motherfuckers!" -was the first post she made when Madonna re-launched her Instragram page. She showed us her boobs, her bathroom, her nose, her vacum, her video editors blisters, scenes of Haiti and Malawi, her art collection..., Oh, and remember when she played Ms. Cleo? March 16th: Madonna presents GLAAD awar
  8. She's gone social media mad. She's just released a six second MDNA tour clip. I haven't got it so you'll have to find it yourselves!
  9. So, I was searching the ASCAP database, as one does, and I came across a new entry in addition to the standard entry for MDNA's B-Day Song, featuring MIA. This additional entry was actually registered on ASCAP after the MIA version and is listed as B-Day Song (Guy version) featuring Martin Solveig. This indicates that there's another version of the song out there sans MIA, and possibly w/ Solveig's vocals. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I don't recall seeing this elsewhere. Anyone else heard about this?
  10. So, the deadline of 2013 Grammy Award is near as all competitors must be released between October 1, 2011 and September 31, 2012. The question is "Will MDNA stand a chance?", and by that I mean in all eligible categories. What tracks do you think will be remembered? The Academy doesnt choose by commercial success, only by quality (cof cof... thats what they say in the rules...). We all know our dear Madonna is VERY overlooked by them in the albums categories. But I noticed they always have a very special place for her on the Best Dance Recording (this category exists since 1998 and she leads
  11. Guy said that we should ask him in a year about how his NTP would change the game So, when did he say it and who's going to ask him about how the 2 twitter chats and 1 facebook chat changed the face of music promotion?
  12. I didn't see a thread on this yet..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5WbFcv1DLk
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