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Found 6 results

  1. On November 28, 2014, Thanksgiving came with a suprise: a snippet of 'Rebel Heart' leaked to the internet. We all know now how the story ends! http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6334591/new-madonna-song-rebel-heart-leaks A snippet of a new Madonna song, rumored to be titled "Rebel Heart," leaked to the Internet on Thursday (Nov. 27). Who's Working on Madonna's Album? 22 Possible Collaborators Madonna's publicist had no comment about the leak, but the diva's manager, Guy Oseary, Tweeted: "I would be grateful to any Madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for t
  2. Seriously, what a way to open the MTV VMAS in 2003! This performance is so well done and I am fucking obsessed with it, as I was when I saw it at 12 years old. I downloaded this via dial up internet for hours It was so well executed: - Britney and Christina sound and look great. Even Christina's dancing is good. - Loved the re-enactment of M rolling on the floor. - That butterfly filled moment when M rises out of the cake with her FLAWLESS face looking like a true queen in command - M's descent down the stairs - Madonna's voice sounded really good, she sang excellent - All the iconic c
  3. My guest today is Jean Paul Gaultier the French coutourier who's known as the enfant terrible of the fashion world for his witty and daring designs. Now an exhibition of his best works is opening here at the Barbican in London but how far do his designs like the cone-shaped bra and corset dresses help contribute to the sexual objectification of women? Zeinab Badawi - You very quickly became known for a kind of edgy, street kind of fashion, punk, that kind of thing ..... are you comfortable with being known as the person who has this kind of designs as their signatures? Jean Paul Gaultier - D
  4. We have had lots of polls about our favorite songs and albums, but I actually haven't seen a poll about our favorite music videos of M yet - while they make up an essential part of her greatness as well! So, I thought a poll where you guys can choose your favourite music videos would be a fun and interesting thing to do You can first choose your favourite music video of each of her first three albums from the 80's. I'm gonna create similar polls for her 90's and 00's albums as well as for the rest of her releases. In the end, I'll compile the videos with the most votes of each album / releas
  5. 2003 MTV Video Music Awards: Recap By Sal Cinquemani ON August 29, 2003 It's not often that a 71-year-old is up for six awards at the MTV Video Music Awards. Johnny Cash's poignant "Hurt," a cover of the Nine Inch Nails tune, managed to score nods in the Video of the Year, Best Male Video, and Best Direction in a Video categories as well as three technical categories, including Best Cinematography, the only award it won. (Curiously, MTV opted to relegate the Best Direction award to the pre-show, while Best Choreography was presented in all its bootylicious glory.) It's not surprising Ca
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