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  1. Madonna 2000 - 2006 is the best for beauty

    And in that RIT opening clip she reminds me of her hair, make-up, vibe at the 1998 GG while being interviewed by Joanne Rivers and that VH1 Madonna Rising tape she did with Rupert around the same time. Love her here, thx Pressston :D

    Wrong! 2001-2002 Madonna looked horrendous. she looked like she was about a 100. clearly had work in 2003-2004

  2. Im not fond of it. The tour had its moments, but when you can't stand most of the music in the show its not going to very enjoyable. I think that a lot of fans loved MDNA, the whole album/tour. But there are a lot of us that think it was weak. Most of the people who loved it are hardcore fans not casual fans

  3. The only album I can think of that I would change the singles would be Ray Of Light.

    1. Ray Of Light

    2. Nothing Really Matters

    3. Frozen

    4. Sky Fits Heaven/Drowned World

    5. To Have And Not To Hold

    To start the album off with Frozen was a mistake. Madonna should have come back from the boring Evita/Something To Remember period with a bang. Ray Of Light would have been so much bigger had it been the first single.

  4. Tony Ward had an incredible ass much better than Jesus. I think Tony is the sexiest out of all of Madonna's partners but I voted for Carlos. He was pretty damn hot when he was with Madonna, and he seemed like a cool guy. Cant stand Guy Ritchie and Sean Penn was an idiot.

  5. Guy's married with three kids and is currently 41 years old (he'll be 42 in October). He's highly respected within the industry and is a very astute businessman. It really does seem that the only people who have any issues with him are some Madonna fans, because everyone else sings his praises very loudly. I've met him several times and have always found him to be very approachable and genuinely interested in what fans have to say. He works his butt off for Madonna and really has her back. It's a shame some people can't/won't see that, though.

    When you look at how Madonna's career has gone since hes been manager and the business decisions that have been made since yes we can blame him for a lot of that. The more money Madonna makes now, the more he makes. That's how the Madonna machinery has been moving recently

  6. I personally can't stand oprah and I have a feeling that Madonna couldn't either. The first interview they did together Madonna seemed a bit tense and not that impressed by oprah. But I suppose when you have a movie coming out or a new album and you want it to be successful in the states getting oprahs stamp of approval is a step in the right direction.

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