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  1. She has been very warm and open with Oprah, Rosie, Ellen and she was lovely when she was on the View despite being surrounded by women who are always trashing her.

    The first interview Madonna did with Oprah Madonna was quite cold and you could tell Oprah wasn't impressed. Maybe Im the only one that look beyond the endless asslick that occurs in interviews. Body language, eye contact etc says a lot

  2. I do think Ruby was unusually aggressive. Digging through Madonna's purse and putting on her underwear is NOT the sign of someone who was nervous or intimidated. It sounds like she's just making excuses for the fact that she wasn't able to make Madonna feel comfortable and let her guard down. Madonna is always open and honest in interviews, as she was here, but you could tell she was insecure and feeling self-conscious about her looks, etc.

    That's false. Madonna can be very cold and closed down in interviews. Rarely does Madonna ever totally let guard down Molly Meldrum Kurt Loder etc have been able to get her guard down. Another interview where Madonna seemed really relaxed was Larry King. Madonna doesn't like being interview by women in general. shes gets bitchy quickly when interviewed by women

  3. What a stunning 47-year-old woman

    This was the apex of perfection and beauty

    Looking at these pics it makes you wonder why Madonna went as far as she did with the cheek implants. If Madonna was happy to put on a bit of weight instead of being rail thin they never would have happened and her face would have remained normal

  4. I totally agree with you. I love both HC & MDNA even though the quality of some tracks are not great, but in a few years everyone will jump on the MDNA bandwagon.

    I don't think so. I think most people know Hard Candy is a much better album than MDNA. MDNA will never get the praise that some major fans think it should get because its the worst album Madonna ever did. total rubbish

  5. I hate to sound cynical, but Madonna was only into warren because of the whole "want to be taken seriously in Hollywood" thing. he definitely was not her type, and as Christopher ciccone said she exuded much more passion and enthusiasm for sean and carlos. you can see it a mile away

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