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  1. I'll just add my two cents given I was a fan in the backlash days of 92-94. I remember clearly the beating Madonna got in the press, even when Madonna came to Australia there was definitely hostility towards her in the press. But it wasn't that bad that people stopped paying attention to her. When Bedtime Stories came out, you could not pick up a teenage magazine like Tv Hits or whatever they were called without seeing massive articles on Madonna. Madonna was still very relevant in those days and there was always intense interest in what she was doing. Even in early 94 after the Girlie Show, Hard Copy were hunting her down to find out what she was doing.

    Madonna at that time was still making fantastic pop songs and people in general liked them even though they weren't as big as the 80's material.

  2. I did wonder why Bye Bye Baby made it to promo but didn't get released in the US but I assume the reaction wasn't that positive so it got canned. So, it might be embellished in places but out of the whole of her career, this was definitely pretty much the lowest point aside from the MDNA album only lasting two months.

    Bye Bye Baby was released to make up for the cancelled Frankfurt concert

  3. Amazing is one of Madonna's best album tracks. I like the album, but I wouldn't put it in the same league as ROL or Erotica. I remember when it came out, and I heard the song Music I was so excited because I thought Madonna had done a dance album. How wrong I was. I was disappointed with it initially was expecting something different and definitely something not as slow

  4. Secret IMO is up there with Vogue and Like A Prayer in terms of being a stellar single. I remember when it came out, I fell in love with it instantly. Unlike Frozen, Secret is catchy. Brilliant choice for a first single. Should have been a much bigger hit deserved Take A Bow's success

  5. Niki's voice was much stronger than Madonna's inparticular in BA. That Nice show during the chorus of Like A Prayer Niki totally drowned Madonna out it was embarrassing for Madonna I never could stand Niki her attitude was up to shit no wonder Madonna used to think about firing her that's what Christopher ciccone wrote in his book

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