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  1. Madonna's management is all about big bucks. They know that ballads aren't going to be popular with the market they want to attract. Its sad. The late 90's ballads were very big. Since the 00's not so much. I love Madonna's ballads, Paradise (Not For Me), To Have And Not To Hold, Gone, Intervention they are amazing songs some of the best

  2. Nothing Really Matters was meant to be the 3rd single. Then, it semed warners didn't know which route to take and changed their minds released Drowned World in Europe then a couple of months later Power Of Goodbye. They really stuffed it up then, they should have stuck with Nothing Really Matters and released Drowned World/ Power Of Goodbye (even though I don't think POG Is single worthy) later on. Sky Fits Heaven would have been a perfect last single even though it most likely wouldn't have done well it would have been cool to get a video

  3. Frozen now I think is one of her best singles but at the time I thought it was a mistake making it the first single. To me, it didn't seem strong or catchy enough. Secret on the other hand I loved from the moment I heard it. And I remember a few of the aussie interviews at the time saying that it was a bold move to make Frozen the first single.

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