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  1. Why do you always make negative comments about Madonna's looks ? If is either complaining about her "surgery" or saying she looks haggard.

    Also, agree with others about not commenting negatively on how her siblings look. They are not famous or models.

    I was defending Madonna's siblings. That's how it started. if you don't like what I post then block me simple

  2. I personally don't think Madonna has coped well with getting older. I think back when Madonna turned 40 she didn't seem desperate to be 20 again and in fact I remember at the time saying she would never want to go back there. I don't think its just the plastic surgery precedures, even though I wish she hadn't gone as far as she did. Its the toyboys, showing her ass etc.

  3. Ingrid got out of nightclubs around 2000 when her partner went to prison for murder and got into raising her young son and owning the family's window manufacturing business.... Probably therapy too (not Kabbalah :)...At least going by social media posts she seems quite stable for someone who started cocaine at 15 and was a total disaster for so many years.

    Most of the time Ingrid was friends or Madonna's shadow in the 90's Ingrid was sober aside from 1993 when she had to go to rehab

  4. Remember this Madonna-bashing show.

    Unbelievable how disgustingly rude they are.

    This kind of bashing is unseen, even today.

    The negativity that's written on the internet about today pop stars is nothing in compare what Madonna went through in the early 90's

    Madonna was bullied so badly. Treated in a very sexiest way. I loved 93 though, some consider it the downturn of Madonna's career but I think she was still peaking from 2-3 years earlier. Awesome time everything Madonna did I fell in love with. Every song, every video every photo shoot every interview.

    Madonna Exposed is an example of the bullying but it does have some cool rare footage. Also, the conservative woman with the big hair talking about the toilet life of Madonna is pretty funny

  5. Well strangely CFY was #1 in Australia whereas Live To Tell only peaked at #7.

    In terms of chart performance Australia is pretty pathetic. Both Open Your Heart and Deeper And Deeper missed the top 10 yet American Pie went to #1. wtf?!?

    Live To Tell is definitely my favourite Madonna ballad. Such a beautiful powerful song

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