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  1. XXL,

    Just to clarify. I wasn't putting Europe down. most people love it there. I didn't. there were some things I enjoyed but in general I much prefer it here. Its all taste at the end of the day you could come here and hate it.

    And just so you know, Christopher ciccone contacted me on facebook. not the other way around so stop being bitchy for christsake. I mentioned something on there about the Girlie Show and he messaged me. we chatted about the show I went to, How much I loved it. Hes actually quite a nice guy, and I don't blame him for writing the book. its all very well for you to judge him being a Madonna fan but it would not be easy being Madonna's brother or sister for that matter.

  2. I love Australia. I know im an Aussie so im biased but we really do live in the most beautiful country. I went to Europe last year for the first time and to say I was underwhelmed is an understatement. I came back to Australia with so much more of an appreciation for what we have here. I remember I drove through coogee on my way to work when I got back thinking "fuck, ive never realised how beautiful this place is". And I don't get Madonna not coming back, Christopher ciccone started to chat to me a while back on facebook and I thought I was going to get the inside story as to why Madonna wont come back considering her was with her when the Girlie Show was here. He wouldn't tell me

  3. In 1995 Madonna said in a Swedish interview that "My Secret Garden" is one of her favourite songs she ever wrote. In 1998, when Molly Meldrum interviewed her to promote ROL Madonna said that "Like A Prayer" was her favourite song she wrote with Pat Leonard. Madonna also mentioned I'll Remember, Hanky Panky La Isla Bonita as other favourites she wrote with him. Unsure about what her recent favourites are but id like to hear them. Another mentioned in that interview was Spanish Eyes

  4. I don't get the love and obsession people have for these cities. when I was a bit younger I loved new York, now I couldn't imagine going there again. Polluted, congested etc. People are great there. London has always been a shit hole and Madonna knows it the only reason she "fell in love with it" was because she wanted to impress and keep Guy

  5. 1. Deeper And Deeper

    2. Like A Prayer

    3. Secret

    4. Survival

    5. Nobody Knows Me

    6. Bad Girl

    7. Vogue

    8. Fever

    9. Beautiful Stranger

    10. Ray Of Light

    11. Inside Of Me

    12. Music

    13. Secret Garden

    14. Open Your Heart

    15. Express Yourself

    16. Live To Tell

    17. Frozen

    18. Paradise Not For Me

    19. Why's It So Hard

    20. Intervention

    21. Give It 2 Me

    22. Sky Fits Heaven

    23. Into The Groove

    24. Erotica

    25. Beat Goes On

    26. Crazy For You

    27. I'll Remember

    28. Bedtime Story

    29. Spanish Lesson

    30.Burning Up

    31. Drowned World

    32.Impressive Instant

    33. Hollywood

    34. Let It Will Be

    35. Candy Shop

    36. Forbidden Love (bs)

    37. Incredible

    38. Has To Be

    39. Sky Fits Heaven

    40. Gone

    41. Let It Will Be

    42. Bye Bye Baby

    43. Swim

    44. To Have And Not To Hold

    45. She's Not Me

    46. Amazing

    47. Into The Groove

    48. Love Profusion

    49. La Isla Bonita

    50. Human Nature

  6. Tell me, do you EVER post anything about Madonna without throwing some shade? I swear i only see you posting negative stuff.

    You only remember the negative I do post on a lot I like. If I don't like something ill say something. Seems as though in this forum as soon as you mention Madonnas looks or plastic surgery is mentioned there is a blow up and tons of people denying that she ever had any and that her superstardom prevented her from aging like everyone else.

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