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  1. I still see the cheek implants when I see Madonna's face. she doesn't get as many fillers put in, but the cheek implants are still there. and I cant stand them. Madonna would have been better off putting on a bit of fat, instead of having to do that to her face. 2007 Madonna was flawless. and it looked natural. since then its been all way to over the top and shes changed her face completely

  2. Guy Oseary wants Madonna to be a the biggest, massive money making machine that ever existed. As soon as he came on board as manager things started to lose their integrity. All about mass profit. Really at this stage in the game the only one who needed massive profits was him Madonna has made all her money.

  3. Like A Prayer

    Living For Love

    Devil Pray

    Ray Of Light



    Nobody Knows Me

    Beautiful Stranger

    Give It 2 Me

    Love Tried To Welcome Me


    Drowned World


    She's Not Me

    Open Your Heart

    Over And Over

    Bad Girl

    Deeper And Deeper

    Live To Tell


    Nothing Really Matters


    Easy Ride

    Express Yourself

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