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  1. For me, BAT has something that sadly is lost in today's music. The lack of technology made the artist more human and everything more organic.

    I love Confessions Tour, which is such a bombastic technological show. The same with DWT and MDNA. But both BAT and GS are incredible because you can see Madonna properly doing her thing. No backdrops and less smoke and mirrors.

    I agree. It would be awesome if Madonna went back those days. it would almost seemed back to basics if she did. BA and GS were Madonna at her peak on stage

  2. what happened to Ingrid?? Madonna and Ingrid were inseparable for years. A lot of Madonna's friendships with famous people seem superficial. I guess the people Madonna is closest with are her family and the people she works with

  3. Yupp. A couple times. She was on Regis and Kathy Lee and performed it sitting on a stool. Another time was at Oprah's Bday Party.

    Ive never heard of these performances. To my knowledge Madonna never performed it, and I was an obsessed fan in 90's like you wouldn't believe

  4. Naomi and Madonna were never good friends. Naomi got paid 250,000 for doing sex. When Christopher Ciccone became good friends with Naomi, Madonna had issues with the friendship because of Naomis cocaine use. Even though Madonna had no problem at all with Naomi and Big Daddy Kane having a few lines of coke before they had the orgy that appeared in Sex

  5. I find Darren Hayes to be nauseating just his whole manner it's so wanky. And about Pat Leonard, I don't think Pat was ever that close to Madonna. They worked together and would have been friends but not really close. I don't picture him being a big Madonna fan like most people Madonna has worked with

  6. The packaging and artwork were amazing. The actual track listing was rubbish. The versions were hideous, how the hell was the Power Of Goodbye and the album version of What It Feels Like For A Girl included?? Rain, I'll Remember and Fever IMO should have been included. Far too many songs from Ray Of Light and Music.

  7. i hope you're being sarcastic.

    why are people so fucking ignorant when it comes to plastic surgery and the body? do they honestly think there would be any fat ugly rich people walking on this planet if money could buy a hot and fit body with a fresh perfect face every day? GOSH. plastic surgery is NOT photoshop. I hate to be the know-all but come on now, use some common sense.

    I do have common sense did you see what I was replying to?? I don't see what photoshop had to do with what I said. All I said was Madonna looks the way she does because of the work shes had duh!!

  8. . I know people who work with Wendy and they say she is a HUGE fan, but is mad because Madonna has made some choices that make her feel embarrassed to be a fan. I don't agree, but can understand where she is coming from.

    A lot of fans are like that including me. Sometimes I don't admit that im a fan, inparticular in the last few years because Madonna has done some wtf things and not in a good way!!

  9. I love Wendy Williams. Most of the time when she rips into someone, they deserve it. Wendy is very funny, much funnier than the boring stuck up bitch Ellen who I can't stand. I want Wendy to overtake Ellen in terms of popularity. Ellen treated Wendy very badly when Wendy was on her show really showed what sort of person she is

  10. If she was ever into drugs, I'd say it happened in 1994. And Rosie Perez is to blame.

    what makes 1994 the year for drugs?? Madonna had smoked weed before going on letterman but I don't see why 1994 would have been the year. Madonna did an incredible album for most of the year anyway, Bedtime Stories. In the 98 interview in Q Madonna mentioned the effects of ketamine and that didn't come around till 1995. Madonna would have dabbled here and there through most of her life with drugs in show business there is always going to be someone around with drugs. No way did she ever have a drug problem though

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