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  1. The state of the Supreme Court will directly impact the lives of minorities, women, immigrants, and gays - so please do continue to believe that the election doesn't matter - as it may well not matter to you - but to all of the aforementioned groups, the balance of power in the Supreme Court matters greatly - so if you can't manage to get to the polls for your own self interest, do it on behalf of others who desperately need your support.


  2. True story: I was severely reprimanded at school as a wee lad for wearing this t-shirt:


    The official reason I was instructed to turn my shirt inside out for the rest of the day was the ample cleavage (hers, not mine) which I always found ridiculous and rather sexist... dude next to me was wearing a He-Man shirt and he had bigger breasts AND visible nipples (He-Man, not dude). But I digress.

    Anyway, I now see that teacher as a hero, fighting the good fight and defending a school of innocent children from The Beast.

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