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  1. 10 minutes ago, acko said:


    I was really eager to watch Madonna's performance at the Eurovision Contest, the reason is twofold, first of all she's Madonna, secondly because of the controversy and debate with regards to the opportunity of choosing to perform in Israel. Several high profile music figures had urged her not to perform there. Namely Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and producer Brian Eno

    While most chose to focus on the pitchiness of her vocals during the first of two songs she performed, 1989's Like A Prayer (never mind that one: Madonna sang live and two: she was doing so while coming down a staircase in such an elaborate scenography), the beauty of her message, the centrepiece of her participation at this event, has been completely lost on those who are criticizing her so harshly, either for her pitchiness or her choice to not boycott the event in the first place, some people even going as far as calling her a prostitute

    The image that stuck out the most is the all consuming, all destroying fire and the second song refrain of "not everyone is coming to the future", if we don't "wake up" there will be nothing left to wake up to. Similarly a statue of liberty deprived of its torch has been shown in the accompanying backdrop video, that very light and torch which are a symbol of freedom

    This is what everyone should be focusing on and be strongly alerted by. As usual Madonna who is Madonna not for nothing captured the essence and urgency of the issue like nobody else would or could



    Thank you. This is perfect.

  2. 43 minutes ago, Rugbyguy said:

    I’ve been so disappointed over this that I’ve completely avoided the forum and completely avoided commenting. There were some great moments, some amazing choreography and staging but her vocals were awful. Even during Future you can hear the auto tune struggling with the bum notes (btw was that auto tune or vocoder during Future?). I’m surprised no one has mentioned that during LAP it was sung a lot quicker during this version than what she is used to which fucked up her breathing and therefore she couldn’t hold any notes or find her pitch. Anyone blaming monitors or heavy costumes is totally deluded and obviously just making excuses. She’s obviously surrounded by yes men and has slacked off with her vocal training which is a shame for a professional singer. The muscles that enable you to sing are just like any other muscles in the body, if you don’t use it - you lose it.

    " If you don't make the choice
    And you don't use your voice
    Auto-Tune will sing for you instead...
    (ye-eaaaah...) "

  3. The performance was visually arresting and beautiful. I didn't mind the flat notes on "Prayer", and though it's her/her team's prerogative to enhance the vocals for the official upload, I find it unnecessary.

    As they did smooth out her vocals, it would probably be in her best interest to acknowledge what was likely an issue with her in-ear feed anyway... but Madonna's always been a uniquely unapologetic, flaws-and-all behemoth. No need to change that now or ever.

  4. 1 minute ago, JWAD said:

    Don't get me wrong, I really like the woman, she is lovely and I subscribe to her page. But come on a vocal coach should know a live vocal and you can clearly see in the video she's lip syncing. 

    Not only was she lip syncing, but the video in that clip is taken from an unofficial remix of "Frozen". It's not even the original live audio feed.

  5. You know I'm not a hater but my enthusiasm dulls a little bit with each new release because, taken together, it's a bit meh.

    If you're rolling out multiple tracks leading up to an album, for fucksake give listeners some contrast and something legitimately experimental matching the level of hype she's building in all of the teasers, interviews and photo shoots.


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