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  1. I've never seen the second pressing irl - does that mean every copy I've come across was printed in 1994? Gosh

    If you're in Toronto, I believe your sleeve stayed "right side up".


  2. Definitely scour eBay. I believe this was ONLY a US release. Never have seen another country with the "upside down" cover (which is actually closer to the orientation of the original photo than the internationally common "right side up" sleeve.)

    Happy hunting!

  3. madonnabedtimetrays_zpsef009225.png

    First CD = First US pressing from October 1994

    Second CD* = All US pressings from 1995-2009ish (when it went out of print)

    It's the more common US sleeve for the album and a horrendous scan of it with a white border was used in the 2012 complete albums box.

    * (ignore the tray, was illustrating something else with that scan. all trays should be either 'bedtime blue' or, after 2005, white.)

  4. I don't think she'll do another documentary in the same format. Been there done that. They'll definitely be something though at some stage but who knows what.

    I'd actually like to see an authorised doco documenting her whole career. Imagine something like The Beatles Anthology with interviews, performances etc. Ugh. My bottom hurts just thinkin' about it!

    I've always salivated at the thought of a Madonna Anthology.

    Then I remember that The Beatles' release was the result of years of hard work and research by a passionate, intelligent and knowledgeable team along with the remaining members (who were mostly just interviewed and had final approval over what was included).

    On our end we have Guy Oseary. :manson: Let's wait it out and hope she moves on to a new, more capable team at some point before they tackle another career-spanning project for Madonna.

  5. Someone must of been asleep when they pressed those USA promo remix CDs. The tunes don't match the tracklisting!

    Fortunately all of the incorrect mixes appear elsewhere on CD meaning the US promo gives you more bang for your buck.

    For anyone who is confused, here is what's on the US Promo (actual mixes in bold)...

    Djemba Djemba Club Mix 5:47

    Offer Nissim Living For Drama Mix 6:34 [CD plays: Offer Nissim Dub Mix 7:15]

    Mike Rizzo's Funk Generation Club 7:03 [CD plays: Funk Generation & H3drush Dub 6:06]

    THRILL Remix 5:11 [CD plays: THRILL Instrumental Mix 5:12]

    DJ PAULO Club Mix 8:13

    DJ PAULO & Jackinsky Full Vocal Mix 7:15

    Dirty Pop Remix 4:58 [CD plays: Dirty Pop Radio Edit 3:58]

    Michael Diamond Mix 4:57

    Erick Morillo Club 6:12

  6. In my dream last night I was at some shop looking through RH CD's and there were like 3 new extra versions of the album (one really nice one with an all white album cover and erotica font) and I thought 'ooh good something for the collector's', this is what I'm dreaming about :lmao:

    I feel your pain! :lol:

    I'll dream I'm tearing through racks and shelves and bins filled with rare Madonna stuff that doesn't even exist. There's always that sad moment about 10 seconds after waking when the realization that it was a dream sets in.

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