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  1. They (unnecessarily) struggled with the 1992-2001 tracklisting for GHV2 by omitting the pre-Ray Of Light hit ballads (save for "Take A Bow") featured on the Something To Remember compilation, so how can they possibly fluff a CD with enough hits from 2002-2008? "Die Another Day," "Hung Up" and "4 Minutes" are her only genuine US hits for this era. If they could sort out a way for the CD to project a holographic animation of Madonna tonguing Britney I suppose the Thin White Duck Mix Radio Edit of "Hollywood" could be thrown in for fun...

    It's more wise to bet that Warner Bros. will assemble a full on, multi-disc, career spanning retrospective, not a third volume to complement The Immaculate Collection and GHV2.

    Anyway, too early to call this one as once/if Hard Candy takes off it could be more than a year before we see any sort of vault release (I'm thinking xmas 2009).

    Anyway... GLAD TO SEE "4 MINUTES" HANGING IN THERE! Far exceded my expectations.

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