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  1. that promo one is incredibly lame, you can make it yourself with your printer at home.

    That's not true. Other recent promos that were packaged like this have been made much cheaper with CDR's and front inserts printed like color copies on odd stock.

    "Living For Love", however, is pressed to a real CD and the front insert is commercial quality on a single panel of CD insert stock (like US releases of "Keep It Together", second pressings of "Vogue", "Hanky Panky"...)

    It's nice that they've upgraded the quality.

  2. I don't agree with that. They're always attacking her. She's always being slammed for being too sexual.

    The same enemies Madonna has in the press hate Beyonce too.

    What's boring about Beyonce?

    She's an amazing singer, an amazing dancer, amazing performer and she released her best album. I don't think a pop album has been that critically acclaimed since "Ray of Light".

    What artist today is as close to Madonna besides Beyonce? Beyonce is in full control of her career. She funds her albums on her own - chooses the producers, the writers, the engineers, she controls and oversees every aspect of everything. Madonna said she knows every nail in her stage, Beyonce is the same way.

    Beyonce is the only exciting thing in pop music today. She dropped an album at night and it sold almost a million copies without notice.

    I feel like people who don't like Beyonce either don't like R&B or black talent or they want more "real" artists like Rihanna or goofy Katy Perry who can't dance and sound like shit live but that makes them "real".

    Beyonce is worth $500 million which is the equivalent to her husbands net worth, she stands side by side with him while her career goes through her own company Parkwood - every album, endorsement, licensing, DVD, tour goes through Parkwood, she makes partnership deals with every deal including her new Topshop deal which could make her a billionaire. And she's a happy wife and mother at the same time.

    How is she not a positive representation of and for women?

    I went to the On The Run Tour last July. Yeah she had a wind machine and weave but that's all she needs. I think it was very stripped down.

    Parkwood is not SOME say, it's the FINAL say. Columbia didn't even know when she was dropping the surprise album.

    Stan a bit lot, IDareUYawnce. :smooch:

  3. I don't want a remix of Ghosttown performed because it is such a perfect song as it is. I want people to hear it in all of it's beauty and emotional impact. I love a great remix but not of a new ballad.

    I agree... I'm not sure what the viewership of the iHeart awards even is, but whoever tunes in needs to hear something resembling the magnificence of what is on the Rebel Heart album. It will be the first prime time performance stateside.

  4. I think Michael Diamond and Strobe did the most fun mixes for "Living For Love", but of course the worst remixes were released on all of the commercial formats.

    Yeah, "Offer Nissim"'s, Living For Drama and Living For Drums mixes were appropriated for the live performances (which were amazing) but the actual remixes before Madonna retooled them for the stage are shit. Sorry.

    I hope the "Ghosttown" remixes are more inspired!

  5. The 9/11 footage fits within the montage behind her and there's no need to try and ignore it. I do not agree she's using it solely for the sake of controversy.

    Not to veer off topic... I was just reading an NPR story posted mere hours ago about New York medical examiners identifying another of the victims. It's been almost 15 years and more than 1000 are still not accounted for. It's wonderful that people are still working diligently to give families closure: (http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2015/03/19/394143763/remains-of-sept-11-victim-identified)

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