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    Don't flog me, I do think Diana Ross deserves to have the Supremes' material lumped in with her solo stuff... which I belive would push her up past Madonna.

    Also, lumping Paul McCartney with Wings, yet not his huge contribution to the Beatles is... skewed.

    Still, I love to see Madonna's chart impact so heavily celebrated!

  2. Stop it. She said she liked the simplicity of some of the demos and these two don't even fit that description. They don't even fit the sound of the record and Kanye had already reworked WAOM before anything leaked. Avicii got really sick early last year so she had to change direction completely so yes you might as well think that the entire record is not her "real vision" and throw it away. We have had this discussion for too many times already. Keep listening to the demos that you like but stop trying to justify anything with your false assumptions.

    Settle down, Beavis.


  3. What was the inspiration for these costumes?

    My inspiration for the costumes was my husband Jonas Akerlund [who directed the video] and everything we love. We are a rock ’n’ roll family and this look is in our DNA.

    What mood were you going for?

    Rock ’n’ roll meets end of world, with a touch of shipwreck.

    What was Madonna’s favorite look?

    I’m not sure Madonna had one favorite. She loved the silhouette all the costumes created—the top hat, the long coat, the corseted waist with tall boots.

    FFS, just say Stevie Nicks already. :lol:

  4. Technically stunning, and Madonna looks AMAZING - like 4 Minutes video stunning. :wow:

    But I kinda agree with the post below.

    I don't really like this video,

    it does not make me love this song more..

    look good but no depth...I hardly relate the song with this video..

    Apparently .. there are more than 2 souls, there is no love between them. just two stranger.

    but she look fabulous

    The love connection between the two people in the ghosttown in the song just wasn't the same in the video. And then there is the kid? Will be three souls in a ghosttown.

    I was thinking OK, he's gonna end up double crossing her for her food or something and the kid will end up being the other soul with her in the ghosttown. (referencing that interview where she said the song was about Rocco.) What a clever take - but that never happened. :(

    :lmao::lmao: at the multiracial postapocaliptic family in the end, dog/wolf included

    so I Am Legend

    Yeah that was a bit much.


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