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  1. 3 hours ago, Samo said:

    I love the video but her hypocrisy is pretty crazy


    Her guards are ARMED, she used to kill pigeons for sport with GUNS while married to Guy Ritchie in the early 2000s, she has glamorized guns, as well as almost every rapper that she's worked with, herself many times.  Revolver... Gang Bang....


    She has a photo of Angela Davis on her wall, Davis was part of the old school Black Panthers and was armed all the time, even shooting at people in a courtroom...

    Really? Gun Control  ( the legislation desired ) is not about BAN guns to everyone is about having the correct law and process in places so the correct and trained people are the only one with guns ..    her guards will always going to be armed !! they are profesionals and  that's their work. .....   and so and so and so .. 

    semi automatic guns dont belong to ordinary people .... That's is part of the TALK that the USA Congress have to TALK and WALK 

    everybody is entittle to their opinion but please ... read and get informed  before write these kind of comments ! 

  2. 1 hour ago, TXIII said:

    A little while back I think @Mensch was talking to an insider who was giving him some info about the God Control music video where he got to see some stuff and the insider said there was a second album ready to go. But I could be remembering this very wrong, so I apologize in advance for anything misremembered. 

    I think a world tour after with a greatest hit collection could be a great option but I think she still have in her mind the movie she want to direct. Let’s see ! 

  3. 1 hour ago, Jairo said:

    My bet is the album will debut #1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 130k-150k copies sold on first week.


    Bruce Springsteen is releasing the same day (his fanbase is more traditional than digital)
    Madonna's fanbase is mixed. Both traditional and digital, she will have more streams than Bruce's album for sure
    Also, the ticket bundle will be available in the States, so the fans whou bought Madame X Tour tickets can download the album starting this Friday.

    We need:

    Late night and talk shows appeareances
    At least one televised performance

    That's all! I'm pretty optimistic this time. 

    @jairo :   the bundle include a  physical and digital copy .. as soon as they ship the CD, will count toward the Chart 

    I do remember that I had to accept the purcharse of the CD.. dont remember if there was an option to reject ... 


  4. Just now, Mensch said:

    Well no, maybe count them for that week but people won’t receive them until then...or actually maybe it would keep steady sales for two weeks instead of the major second week decline 


    I don’t this is even posible. I get your point but in this age, a leak a few days before the official release date is not that bad and  a big accomplish. I don’t think the leak will affect first week sales at this point if they control the links. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, juliebean said:

    can someone help me? i'm very confused. what time does the euro vision end when M will be performing? isreal is 7 hours ahead of me i'm trying to figure out the time and it's really confusing. lol

    Thanks in advance.

    +1 pleaseeeeeee.

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