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  1. 3 hours ago, karbatal said:

    I think Nordic countries have the gift to selling themselves very good. I only know Stockholm as tourist so I have no idea except that Swedish daddies are hot as fuck and that a good shop in the centre of Stockholm is the only place they copied my credit card and tried to scam me. 

    Last time I was single I traveled to Stockholm and I met Lars, a giant who was very weird but kissed very good. He was very grumpy and acted as if I was some kind of burden when I messaged him to meet. But the evenings when I didn’t write he wrote me very nervous because I didn’t write and “are you free now?” and drove really fast to take me to his home to cuddle. This absurd love affair lasted my holiday week. 

    Did he fuck your ass tho?


  2. 15 hours ago, Junior said:

    This was heartbreaking to watch on CNN earlier. 😢

    Published on May 3, 2021

    See inside hospital in India ravaged by Covid-19

    CNN visited a government run hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, and found scenes of profound suffering as the nation grapples with the coronavirus crisis.


    Harrowing. 😞


  3. 5 hours ago, acko said:

    And people were excited over this cunt bringing 'change'. :rotfl:

    People in that little boys club need to be arrested, and

    as an institution they need to apologize for centuries of

    bloodshed, hatred, hurt and doing evil against mankind.

    Those people disgust me. That reminds me,

    I really need to start the procedure to be debaptized.



  4. 1 hour ago, Kim said:

    Well plans are afoot to make sure that nothing but right wing propaganda is pumped into homes in the coming months/years.

    Major Tory donor Richard Sharp appointed as new Chairman of the BBC, Paul Dacre (Daily Mail nutter) who doesn't believe in press regulation tipped as Johnson's favourite to chair OFCOM and the launch of Britain's very first 24hr Fox News style channel, GB News.

    Not looking good I'm afraid.

    Good grief.


    I've been thinking of applying for immigration to Canada - I may have to seriously look into it..




  5. 13 hours ago, FreeMySoul said:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope all is well now. You will have the second dose next month? Did you have a choice of which vaccine you wanted or you need to take the one offered? I hear  Moderna is more effective even with new variants of the virus. 


    I had the Pfizer vaccine.  You don't get a choice in the UK of which vaccine you want. At the moment only Pfizer and AstraZenica are being rolled out.

    As far as I am aware, all the vaccines are effective against the variants we are aware of.

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