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  1. 2 minutes ago, robster said:
    Also from the Tetu interview:
    "Killers who are Partying" is the first song we have worked on. It's a political piece, but everything Mirwais and I do together always ends up not becoming political. Because it's also his way of thinking. The guitar we hear in intro is a sample that I captured myself during a fado session. The sound of this guitar is exactly what I wanted. I really felt inspired by the melancholy and the feeling of this music, by the sound of Cesaria Evora, Morna and Cape Verde. The authenticity of the music that I hear everywhere in Portugal has touched me. I wanted to appropriate this music and make it sound more modern. I asked Mirwais, "What do you think you can do with it, does it inspire you?" Obviously, it pleased him a lot, "reveals the songstress of "I Rise ".

    All this has me gasping for air!!

  2. 2 minutes ago, Confessit said:

    I think the theratre video with the queens is the disco song.....maybe denied there was a disco track but im so pleased there is a disco cut.

    I think this could be the track that resonates with the public the most.

    And the video sounds epic if it is the disco track as previously thought.....I hope the song gets the full on performance treatment as part of the albums promo. 


    I think she's got this ace up her sleeve 

  3. 46 minutes ago, Andra said:

    Fuck. I just dribbled a bit of spunk.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Confessit said:

    Your correct. She made a bold statement and has further cemented her legacy as a controversial artist not afraid of making political statements.

    But being basic and signing music make sthe people come together with a world peace sign is not really what is being critised here/the general public, that's not the point everyone is making.

    Everyone is applauding M for making a policitical statement, it's the armature arrangement of LAP, her biggest significant hit and the static non-event performance value that happened on stage that fans/the general public have issue with.

    A spades a spade. 

    Exactly. I could just fucking shake her.

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