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  1. 9 minutes ago, Amelia said:

    Same here! Like someone mentioned beforehand, these reviews/scores are just among one person's opinion. Granted, they are a critic, but we do know that critics can really be off the mark.  They may influence a small minority, but for the most part her fans are going to buy her new music. From what I've read here so far, it's not too bad, and she's had far worst reviews. 


    They're not too bad? They're positively glowing! Yes there are criticisms of her age, hair etc but the music is shining through. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, smirnoff_ice said:

    Apparently 2 stars from evening standard. ‘Redundant and utterly uncool’. 😡 A friend sent me this, I haven’t seen it myself and it’s not online yet.

    Any review that scores it that low at this point, with all the other reviews we have so far, clearly hates her and her music and shouldn't be reviewing a Madonna album in the first place. With all the glowing scores so far, in spite of some of the clear hatred for her in some of them, yet the music is undeniably good, a 2 star review is from some cunt with an agenda and it's rather  transparent, wouldn't you say?

  3. I flicked through the Sun this morning  they have the review already posted but give her a mark of 5 stars which is glorious. They won't use this for Metacritic, but it shows how much this album is loved by the reviewer. 


    Interestingly the Sun review isn't from Dan Wooton, who we know from the listening party loved it and couldn't wait to review it... so I wonder where his review will appear? He does write for the Sun, doesn't he? I'm not going mad, am I?

  4. 2 minutes ago, side_streets said:

    Not so sure about The Guardian, especially when it comes to movie reviews. They were trying really hard to hype "A Star is Born" and they gave 4 stars to "Pet Sematary" which made me go to the cinema and see it. It was terrible! One of the worst horror movies I have seen recently. 

    Well ASIB did get hyped by most critics, but in terms of Madonna releases I'm hoping for a thoughtful piece from them 

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