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  1. why is the an itunes 1000 and an itunes 300?

    Yeah I wanna know that too. Because I would think, and call me simple if I'm not understanding this, but wouldn't the postions be the same for both? If Celebration is #114 in itunes top 1000 then surely it should also be #114 in the top 300? Am I missing something?

  2. Found on Fanzine, this is most likely NOT OFFICIAL, FAKE FAKE FAKE etc, but the tracklist seems to be very plausible to me, except "Cherish" & "TUTBMP" being replaced by "YMLM" and "Miles Away":


    This seems very plausible. Really like this tracklist.

    I think you could add on YMLM and Miles and still be able to squueze' them on.

    I think I would chuck out Human Nature though and replace with Open Your Heart. That is the one thing I would change.

  3. (Intro - Rescue Me video)

    Act I

    Candy Shop

    Give It 2 Me

    Dress You Up


    (Interlude -I Want You)

    Act II


    Like A Prayer

    Bad Girl/Frozen medley


    Act III

    Beat Goes On

    Deeper & Deeper

    Hung Up/4 Minutes

    Open Your Heart

    She's Not Me

    Act IV

    Spanish Lesson

    Who's That Girl?

    Miles Away

    Love Profusion

    Encore I


    Into The Groove

    Encore II

    Get Together


    23 songs including intro/interlude - do-able, right?

  4. I think they remain the same. They cover up to midnight of the preceding day. That explain the Top 15 position, since 4M lingered around the 45-19-8-5-3 positions.

    It's the same. These midweeks where she is at 15 is based on only ONE day of downloads (tuesday.) She can easily make top 5 by sunday, if she gets to #1 on itunes today and manages to stay there i'd say she'd be in for a good chance of #1 this weekend. But she'll have to get there and stay there today.

    I might be wrong but Kylie's 2 hearts was only top 15 after two days of downloads by the midweeks chart and she ended up being #4 on the main sunday chart. (I don't think she managed to get anywhere near the top of itunes during that week too, but correct me if i'm wrong.)

    I will say this though, if she doesn't make number 1 this week I'm not sure she will at all. But it's looking good.

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