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  1. 36 minutes ago, acko said:

    I fail to c how the lyrics are cringy. Unless empathy is an Alien concept. Even the explanation is in there. I KNOW WHAT I AM AND I KNOW WHAT I'M NOT. The question is 'Do u know who you are? *Do u know, Diane?'*

    Yeah she can't be more plain in terms of intent and understanding. 

    I love this song now. I knew it would end up becoming a favourite. 

  2. 46 minutes ago, smirnoff_ice said:

    I think she looked amazing and I loved the interview. For me it was just a banter between them all so don’t give a shit about what the trolls say. 

    My partner who is a doctor thinks she has an anxiety problem as she looks like it in her interviews and she sounded like hyperventilating in the beginning of the interview. She also mentioned her medication not having kicked in yet. This might be a totally stupid analysis so don’t jump on my throat! 

    It's not stupid. I've thought this for a few years now. She does seem to be on edge sometimes in interviews.

  3. One thing is for certain, fans on here, and fan friends of mine all have different favourites. Every track on this album has been listed as a favourite or standout for someone. I don't recall that ever happening before. There's always one song that is universally the initial standout and one that is considered the dud. Not this time.

    That's the real benchmark of a truly fantastic album and she has achieved that here.

  4. I need to digest this more. I feel like this could actually become my favourite, in time. It feels like three different tracks in one. I also feel like some of the lyrics she came up with on the spot in front of the mic. Stream of consciousness stuff. Like a journal entry. I love this.

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