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  1. 1 minute ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    Didn't I hear something about her filming a video for a remix of "I Rise?" So, I'm thinking she would definitely perform that, especially since it was dedicated to the gay community. "God Control" is the next single, so I'm pretty sure she will do that as well. In term of older songs, I have no idea! Anything is possible.

    Anything is possible. Latest rumour is that she's shelved the video for God Control and burned every copy as she's decided to release a video filmed by Estere on her Ipad singing an a capella version of I'm So Stupid (jazz version) instead

  2. Just now, Disintegration said:

    Genuinely think she should do God Control +3 oldies. It would nice way to show everyone, especially some sneery gays who think she's lost it post-Confessions, that her new stuff can stand toe to toe with the classics. 

    Still time for her to change her mind I suppose. :unsure:

    She'll wish she had changed her mind when she gets booed off the stage with  bottles off piss thrown at her when she sings Candy fucking Shop

  3. Just now, Crystal Coffin said:

    Just wait until the police come here and be like "Jesus Christ what's with the meltdown she hasn't even performed yet :lmao:", acting all derisive at our comments. We can read the pattern. 

    Oh they're on their way, I can feel it. 

    Being a Madonna fan has never been easy but I swear she loves to be skull dragged across the bowels of hell for fun.

  4. Just now, Ai Papi Si. said:

    It’s really fucking annoying. Especially now that we’ve heard the album and know what she’s capable of. 

    Exactly. I rise and future are fabulous in the context of the full album but they will be flat as a witches tit at a pride event. I can't wait to attempt to defend her again as she alienates more fucking people. In fact I can't be bothered defending these choices. I'll just listen to madame x and chant 

  5. 50 minutes ago, Intervention_78 said:

    When will we know for sure how she did in the UK charts? It's a shame that she'll be missing the top spot specially since she had everything set up to be an easy number one but then it seems that Eurovision was a mess and the Norton show didn't help make things better. oh well. another number 2 debut. 

    Friday at 6pm. 

    We may get an update today and there's an official update tomorrow at 6pm but the final numbers and positions are announced Friday at 6pm

  6. Just now, smirnoff_ice said:

    No, that's incorrect. He sold 16k. We don't know MX sales. Head to head - See below

    It's a battle between The Boss and The Queen of Pop on this week's Official Albums Chart as new records by Madonna and Bruce Springsteen go head to head for the Number 1 spot. 

    Bruce's Western Stars - his 19th studio album - currently leads the way over Madonna's 14th collection Madame X by just shy of 16,000 combined sales on the latest Official Chart Update.


    Yeah it's odd wording but I read it as he leads the way by 16,000 sales, rather than his sales are 16,000.

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