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  1. 14 minutes ago, YannBouch said:

    A double singles strategy could be a really good one. The best example is Ed with Shape of you and Castle on the hill. 

    Radio play both singles back to back on the release day and very often during the week. Then shape of you took a big part after. And then castle on the hill. but both songs had big impact when they were both released and then on their own. It can make a maximum effect without a big effort. 

    Radio won't even play one single from her at this point. 

  2. 1 minute ago, elijah said:

    I never said she was. I m just saying what I would like from the new show. And I am really sure that is what the vast majority of the public would be interested in. A sit down Madonna tour is hard to imagine as being successful and I suppose she wants to be successful.

    I know she's Madonna but she's also a 60 year old woman. I think we need to be realistic with expectations of hi energy, sweaty dance routines here. She needs to adapt and so do we.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Andra said:

    A year full of Madonna


    Are we ready? We've been ready for a full fucking year since she said soon.

    May??? Summer??? Oh just fuck off.

  4. 1 minute ago, BrendanT1993 said:

    Just because Madonna may be performing at Eurovision doesn't mean she's debuting the lead single performance there like some are assuming . Who knows what single off the album she'll be doing, maybe the second single? Maybe the first single but after its been out for a month or so? Maybe she hasn't even decided what song to release as the single.

     We still have the Grammys (10/02/19) & Brit Awards (20/02/19) which may be a long shot as they're only a few weeks away.

    - I Heart Radio Awards are in March

    - Suprise appearance at Coachella in April

    - Billboard Music Awards are in May, Eurovision in May

    - Are there not music & variety shows she can do that air all the time in the US & Europe?

    She's given hints on IG she's been rehearsing for something.  Video? Performance?  who knows.

    I wouldn't rule out Grammys or Brits to start the new era. I'm hoping for that.

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