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  1. She's at #12 in the update from UK. Not too bad as ghee are 6 new entries above her, and they could fall behind her if front loaded do she might yet get a second week in top 10. 

    For comparison , last week's number 13 sold just shy of 6k in the UK.

    If any sales are posted I'll update.

    FYI Will Young is number 1 and he pushed his album back a week to avoid a battle with Bruce and M.

  2. 18 hours ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    I would only: 

    1) delete "Crazy" (not sorry, I really really really hate her songs like "Body Shop", "Cherish" and this one, I am the SKIN, IMPRESSIVE INSTANT, EXTREME OCCIDENT type of bitch) 

    2) put "Ciao Bella" as the closing track,

    And still haven't decided where "Funana" should be located

    NOTHING else needs to be reworked. Everything else is perfect the way it is. 

    I feel like we are the same person split in two, sometimes.

    If I HAD to make changes, as in gun to my head scenario, then your suggestions would match mine.

  3. 29 minutes ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    Oh yes she will. It's not Madonna without the ALBUMS. Reluctant or not, albums are her major products. 

    I agree . It's clear Madame X wasn't meant to chase chart success, despite the features, so I think Madonna is free to experiment. I'd pray for at least one more album from her and I hope she does continue to create fabulous works of musical art 

  4. This tracklist is her vision, how she wanted her album presented and discovered. It's perfect to be honest. It's not like Rebel Heart where it made sense for us to get rid of the filler. There's no filler in Madame X. Every song is essential and the sequencing is essential to achieve the journey she wanted to take us on. 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    And of course I mentioned the Boys for Pele comparison days ago - every M fan who loves Tori Amos should understand what we are trying to say. The two albums emanate very similar enigmatic vibe. I can also hear traces of Sufjan Stevens, and I would even say that if PJ Harvey ever makes a pop album, it would sound like Madame X

    I remember you brought this up and yes! Agree 100%. A lot of M fans are also big fans of Tori. It's not really am immediate correlation between fans of such 2 different artists but they are my two favourites . This album is very Tori like 

  6. 18 minutes ago, KalamazooJay said:

    The more I listen to this album, the more it reminds me of Tori Amos' Boys For Pele. Both are sprawling, cryptic albums which while I don't believe are extremely cohesive, work brilliantly as a collection of songs due to the sequencing. Both are probably the hardest albums in their discography for critics, casual fans and the general public to digest. And both are rich and diverse and cover a multitude of genres and sounds that neither artist had done previously in their career. 

    This IS her best album in terms of sequencing since Music. And it IS a Madonna ALBUM that's hard to listen to in bits and pieces. For instance, I simply can't listen to Killers Who Are Partying without having Crave come on right after. And while I was listening to Crave on its own for weeks, I need to hear Crazy afterwards. This is exactly how Boys for Pele was for me. It was impossible to listen to Blood Roses without hearing Father Lucifer afterwards. 

    Madame X is a fascinating album with a lot of twists and turns. 

    With Rebel Heart, she released 3 of her most radio friendly singles since Hung Up to absolutely no avail. Ghosttown and Bitch I'm Madonna ESPECIALLY should have been huge in their own right. And she knows as well as we do that if any other pop artist 30 years younger were to have released them, they would've been huge. I'm happy she didn't double down on that strategy and try to do it again with sugary hits in hopes of radio play. I'm happy made an album on her own terms, knowing full well that nothing she does is going to garner much radio play this late into her career. 

    I've made the same comparisons myself with friends. Boys For Pele is exactly like Madame X in this sense. Both incredibly rich, not easy to listen to out of sequence, and sprawling epics. Both so creative and the sequencing really does add to the narrative.

  7. 24 minutes ago, lasky said:

    Really?... wow.... OMG!! So its true that there is some sort of conspiracy to prevent M from going to No. 1.... How do you know this?  Does this happen only to M? So in future, if ever M has a potential release, they will try to get someone to upstage her in any way, shape or form? Talk about playing the rules... So they are willing to tweak the rules for someone to get to No. 1 but not Madonna?

    No I'm joking lol



  8. 2 hours ago, lasky said:

    Yes, found it strange that the delay is like 2 days already........................does billboard always previewed the new chart on Thursday? or they used to do it....? Besides the Hot 200, it will also be No. 1 Top Album Sales, Top Digital Album, Top Tastemaker Album, Top Internet Album (if this chart still exists)......  

    They're currently desperately changing their rules to discount some of her sales so that Bruce can claim the top spot. True story.

  9. Ukmix and M tribe are reporting that she will land at just over 27k sales on the final UK album chart to be published later which will land get comfortably at....


    NUMBER 2.

    It's actually very good first week figures for her in this day and age, no hit single, no radio play, no performances etc.

    On quite a lot of weeks during this year, those sales would have guaranteed her her 13th UK number one album. As it stands this will be her 6th Number 2 album. A few weeks back the number one album sold 11k.


    We can't be sad about this, guys. Well done to Springsteen, he's also a legend and did have the benefit of Father's Day as well as fair reviews of his album and music; as opposed to his face/age etc.

    It's a cause for a celebration  for our Queen.

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