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  1. 2 minutes ago, Beastialg said:

    Madonna Albums (standard editions)

    • Madonna - 8 songs
    • Like a Virgin - 9 songs
    • True Blue - 9 songs
    • Like a Prayer - 11 songs
    • Erotica - 14 songs
    • Bedtime Stories - 11 songs
    • Ray of Light - 13 songs
    • Music - 10 songs
    • American Life - 11 songs
    • COADF - 12 songs
    • Hard Candy - 12 songs
    • MDNA - 12 songs
    • Rebel Heart - 14 songs

    Into context 10 songs is not that short with her album discography and like some mentioned, I prefer 10 amazing songs + 10 amazing videos rather than a Rebel Heart type of album.

    She can released all the extra songs she recorded in several differen ways (another album, stand alone tracks, soundtracks, mixtape, etc)

    For all the Scooby Doo theories, I think this is the least likely reason to post the X. I just think that first and foremost people need to know when an album is coming and what it's called rather than how many songs are on it

  2. Just now, Starman said:

    So apparently is about MDNA skin X


    the moschino colaborarion


    like H & M X moschino had a colaboration too...


    dissappinting and what a fail

    It's not about that. It was suggested and debunked a few pages back.


    This is about new music.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Suedey said:

    Amen. And before anyone jumps down our throats crying “slut shaming” this has nothing to do with that. She’s just awful and I hate her attitude.

    Oh and I don’t particularly care for Shakira either to be honest ...

    Shakira sounds like Kermit the Frog singing. Bloody awful voice.

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