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  1. 18 minutes ago, Alvarø said:

    Off topic, but the point with the new Avengers movie is that it lacks from a strong marketing campaign. They're just relying on the huge cliffhanger from the previous movie, and that's the reason why the content it's so well segmentated: if you don't follow the platforms of the people who are talking about it, you probably won't catch content from the movie.

    Well, aside from if anyone on here has seen anything or not, the point remains that if something as popular as that hasn't been seen then Madonna certainly does need to get some info out there. She can't rely on her name alone to simply equal millions of album sales etc anymore.

    Granted we don't have any confirmed timelines but May/June seen to be favoured for a potential release. If the X is a tease then she really should back it up with something else.

  2. Just now, Kim said:

    It's a good start to building some buzz, but leave too long a gap before revealing something ELSE and you end up losing momentum. This is all Marketing 101.

    Get on it Madge.

    Yeah. I know it's a different medium but for instance the new Avengers movie has been hyped to fuck. People are waiting for it. Outside her fanbase does anyone even have a clue she has an album due? This isn't 2000 anymore. She NEEDS to build momentum now

  3. 1 minute ago, robster said:

    Well, let's do some math:

    * We know it's not a countdown, there was no follow-up

    * We know it's not skin care related for many reasons already discussed!

    She wouldn't post something this non-sensical and vague without a follow-up, and she is not going to keep silent and drag this out indefinately so it's only logical that something will be coming soon. And as Mensch said, friday is usually release day. I'm not saying something IS coming, but it sure seems logical!!! We are now, according to timelines from several websites merely a month away from a single release, so at least a press release or album cover wouldn't be out of place!

    It's entirely possible judging by this logic. She won't keep quiet for long.

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