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  1. 3 minutes ago, Dany Targaryen said:

    Good for Taylor that she has such appeal, but she's barely a real artist. The "ME!" video looks like an advertisement for detergent. I can see the appeal, but it is depressing. Ten years into Madonna's career, she had done Like a Prayer and the Sex book. The riskiest Taylor has played was going from folk to pop, which is commercial as all get out.

    If we don't address this enormous problem of ageism now, all of these artist that are blowing up now will have no future.

    No offence to TS, but she is comparable to the most boring, vanilla sex you can have. For Christ sake get a belt around your neck and hang from the back of a door whilst flicking your bean - anything to raise an eyebrow! I'd rather shit in my hands and clap than listen to one of her songs for 30 seconds. 

    She seems like a nice person though.

  2. I will take Medellin, a single that hasn't charted, over ANY of these basic pop songs by Taylor etc any day of the week.

    Think about it... Erotica album peaked at #2. Would you swap that album for say, a Mariah album that hit the too?? Never. Never in a million years. I'd sooner die. Give me my gold. Give me my golden art over a chart position every time.

  3. 8 minutes ago, JWAD said:

    Lorraine is lovely and is celebrating her in the article, she does mention the fillers but so have many people in this forum. Let's not shit on Lorraine becaise of that one comment. The article is very positive! I've seen Lorraine many times, out and about shopping as she lives nearby, she's a humble, lovely woman who is very grounded and real. 🙂

    I can't count the times I've read shitty comments about Madonna in her column. Most recently when she was photographed with gaga at her Oscar party.

  4. 30 minutes ago, elijah said:

    I went to Gorgon Daily and those monstrosities are so happy (well most of them) that Medellín sold 5000 first week, ignoring the fact it’s basically for 1 day. However those sales still sound bad. Or do    they? Maybe most preordered the album and then got Medellín without it counting as a sale until the release of the album?

    It's not for 1 day. It's for the whole week. The one day sales were counted in the previous chart week so this is the first full week.of sales 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Flip The Switch said:

    I seriously don’t like this idea. It feels like RH all over again. It kills the momentum and surprise factor of the album release. 

    Everyone's doing this.

    It builds momentum for the album.

    Don't listen and keep it a surprise for yourself if you don't like it. That's what I'm doing to preserve the whole album experience 

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