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  1. Madame X is unique. 

    I felt like I had to put her to one side for a while. Like so many have said, she is such a rich body of work and hard to digest.

    I listened again from beginning to end last night for the first time in weeks. It's the only way for this story to be told - in sequence and as a fully body of work.

    I stand by my reaction  in the first few weeks; it's in my top 3 Madonna albums. I feel like that goes; Erotica, Ray of Light, Madame X.

    I've never got the love for the AL album. I see how people can compare her to that, but for me she is far more complex both in themes and in sound. Madame X feels like her own entity and feels more like a Tori Amos or Kate Bush album; conceptual and raw. I don't mind the auto tune; I feel like it adds to the mystique of Madame X. 

    I'm glad we got her and I've gotten to know her so well. She feels like a friend, though one that only visits when she can. I don't expect her to stick around for too long each visit; and she is the one doing all the talking when we meet. She's interesting and arresting but she's never going to make me feel warm; she's just here to inform.

  2. 1 hour ago, Katypatra said:

    No, you interpreted it correctly. Mirwais specifically said “listen to Extreme Occident, her voice transcends naturally”! Meaning not all of the songs he did with her have autotune. And then when he says that no one bothers other artists for their use of autotune, he obviously refers to other songs Madonna did where she chose to have it. Anyways, all I hear in Extreme Occident is her voice being mastered, but there’s no autotune. 

    I didn't think EO had auto tune to be honest.

  3. On 6/25/2019 at 7:45 PM, stevo208 said:

    I'm ready to do this:

    1. Extreme Occident

    2. God Control

    3. Batuka

    4. Future

    5. Killers Who Are Partying 


    And that can change on a daily basis, to be honest. It's THAT good.

    OK this has changed as I knew it would 

    1. Crave

    2. Future

    3. Batuka 

    4. Extreme Occident 

    5. Ciao Bella

    The only song I don't care for is Crazy. Though it's far from a bad song. I feel like it needs a remix or... something.

  4. Proud to be a Madonna fan. She made this breath taking, statement, on film. Only Madonna would do this.

    A career high album (let's call Madame X what it is) and such fantastic imaginative, thoughtful videos. I have to say, this is an exciting and rewarding time to be a fan of Madonna. She's spoiled the fuck out of us all. Whilst maintaining her vision, focus and integrity. No one like her before, there will be no one like her after she's gone.

    A true star. So glad she is giving us her all creatively after so long.

    I feel lucky and blessed. We all should.

    Thank you, Madonna.

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