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  1. 2 minutes ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    See what you're saying or trying to say but look at what he's done to the US and even the world! The damage and fumes of this election due to him are gonna linger for a very, very long time. Think I read that there's a surge in depression and anxiety issues w/ people due to all this. What he did and 'who' he brought out is BAD.

    Sweet cheeks, I've had millions of years of Netanyahu as our prime minister. Humour is primordial. Trust me. :rotfl:

  2. A lot of the tweets are really hilarious. :lol:


    #MuslimsReportStuff trends after Trump's comments


    (CNN)When Donald Trump told Muslims they should report what they see, he inspired a worldwide trending hashtag: #MuslimsReportingStuff.

    During Sunday night's presidential debate, a Muslim man had asked Trump and Hillary Clinton how they planned to deal with Islamophobia.
      While Trump didn't directly answer the question, his response essentially boiled down to: See something, say something, Muslims.
      "We have to be sure that Muslims come in and report when they see something going on. When they see hatred going on, they have to report it," he said.
      Muslims took to Twitter to report what they saw.


    • 1 hour ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

      Some are saying she may have purposely tried to not 'knock him out' (make it a wash) so the GOP is forced to keep him in the race until the very end!  lol 

      Not sure about her purposely not trying to knock him out - she certainly could've done better in a few places - however, I do agree that not defeating him completely in this debate was important to keep him in the race. On life support, but still in the race. 

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