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  1. As Madonna completed her second song before a sell-out crowd in Miami's Dolphin Stadium Wednesday night, New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez handed her a bottle of water.

    "It was easy for him to hand it off because he was sitting in the front row," a witness tells E! News. "He was all excited watching her perform."

    I wonder if that part is true. I don't know, seems a bit too much. Maybe it was someone next to him.

    We need a video/pix of this.

  2. Its because kabbalah is in every damn thing she has been doing for years now like her tours, albums , photoshoots, videos, interviews, books and now her love life too. She seems to have became an extremist trying to convert everyone she meets into it. That is quite creepy :tongue:

    You can't "convert" people to Kabbalah because it's not a religion; it's a spiritual and philosophical belief system.

    As long as she's not trying to "convert" you, you shouldn't be that bothered.

    As I said, it's obviously making her happy and brings real depth and reason to her life. As she said, it's giving her answers to questions she had all her life. Its part of her life and here to stay, so just let it go and stop try to berate about it all the time.

    I'm sorry but I have little patience for people who ridicule others people religions, belief systems, sexual preferences and way of living in general, especially when they don't understand and know little about it.

    People condemn what they don't understand.

  3. Am I the only one who find a bit creepy that the Bergs are everywhere with her? This man has been touring with Madonna since RIT and now that have converted A-Rod as well. They must be getting lotsa cash!!!!

    You bring Kabbalah in every other post!

    Will you give it a rest already?!

    She's been studying it for more than 10 years now; it's obviously making happy and she has no intention of leaving it.

    Clearly she's good friends with the Bergs and has been for quite a long period now.

    M is a smart lady, who achieved great things in her life. I'm sure she knows what's good for her, therefore she chose the right spiritual path for HER.

    The easiest thing to do is to judge, especially about things we don't know or understand completely.

  4. Sticky & Sweet Tour: 'There's no place like home!'

    Madonna played her first concert in Detroit since 2001 at Ford Field last night. madonnalicious reader Jennifer sent in this report from the show:

    "Madonna appeared on stage in Detroit at about 9:40pm. She had a huge smile on her face as she took the stage at Ford Field. In metro Detroit, Madge normally plays the nearby Palace of Auburn Hills....but tonight she played the massive football stadium.

    The crowd at Ford Field about 40,000. Several times during the night she talked about how happy she was to be home. She said 'Detroit Rock City, give it up for your hometown girl' and 'I need to tell you it's good to be home. There's no place like home'. She also mentioned her father was in the crowd.

    The request song was Material Girl. The fans first requested Causing a Commotion, but Madonna said she would not sing that song.

    She looked great, the crowd was wild and the show was amazing. A great homecoming in Detroit for Madonna."


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