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  1. 17 minutes ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    CNN is so cute sometimes, reporting on the most obvious things. What do other countries think about the elections or their candidates?

    Mexico - can't stand Trump / Germany - can't stand Trump / France - can't stand Trump / Canada - can't stand Trump

    Russia - can't stand Clinton

    Israel (well at least the conservative parts) - can't stand Clinton - which makes sense, a huge part of conservative Israelis are former Russians 

    That's true, but that's not the main reason why most are against Clinton/pro-Trump. Unfortunately, the majority of the population are still Bibi supporters. 

    Bibi is confident that he could do whatever the fuck he wants with Trump. Well, well. :1251: Just wait for the first occasion the Orange Monster is ego tripping and throws a hissy fit. 

  2. So brave that she has been tweeting the real harsh criticism about HRC from her dog's account and not her own. :rotfl:A rich white celeb who personally has ZERO to lose if Trump is elected. SO, SO BRAVE. 

    And I don't think that anyone here actually believes that this will move the needle. Just the intention behind it. 

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