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  1. 3 hours ago, Paul said:

    I dont really know why some people hate Hillary, but the best thing that will happen after she wins is that (hopefully) we wont need to ever see or hear Trump again. Goodbye.

    I'm sure we'll hear him and of him plenty, but hopefully it will be limited to some reality format. I reckon that GOP will be more prepared in 2020 to block him, if he decides to run. And if he'll run as an independent, he'd be just handing the election to the democrats. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Ciccone's Cheeks said:

    Go Hillary! You could feel her fire/momentum now. Still think there's a chance she'll actually overperform and surprise. Imagine though if the FBI/f'king Guiliani didn't troll into this 10 days ago! :/ Think there was a good chance she'd be super competitive in places like Texas and Alaska! Again she just needs to win but my bigger concern is the damn Senate now. Even if they win by 1 damn vote or whatever and Kaine has the be the deciding vote all good. 

    Meant to post this earlier. 


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