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  1. Looma, are you interested in seeing the Marina Abramovic doco?

    1. loomer


      Oooh, yes! Sounds great.

  2. Loomerita! I was wondering if you saw any of M's shows. Thought about sending you message on facebook, but then I saw that here you are online.

    1. loomer


      Awwww how lovely, I must drop you a line on Facebook cause you're the coolest. :-) I was at the Edinburgh show which was on a day or so after I was last on. I take it you were one of the lucky few to catch the premiere in Tel Aviv?

    2. Bitch


      Oh, my adorable loomita! Are you friends with GU on FB??(Say it ain't so, luv!) Yep, I was at the opening night. How did you like the show, dear?

  3. I got 99 problems but a Bitch ain't one

  4. You should see "At Close Range"; it's a great movie. Sean's whole demeanor in the film is very much the 'bad boy punk' that he was during his marriage to M. Of course Christopher Walken is strong there as well, though I think he looked completely grotesque with that silly mustache.

    I need to see "Bad Boys". I watched it a long time ago and don't r...

  5. That's too bad that the fuckers took it down. I heard about his appearance on "The Church Lady", but never saw it.

    I always kinda referred to the wonderful "Fast Times" as his first film, though he was in "Taps" with Tommy Girl, prior to that. I have yet to see it. I'll probably just download it; as I almost always do. ;)

  6. Bloody fab! He gives a good porn face there.

  7. Thanx. Merry Christmas, babe!

  8. You're the sweetest thing, baby!

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